Introducing Managed SD-WAN value series - the simplest SD-WAN available

Powered by Cisco Meraki, this simple and cost-effective solution enables you to build an intelligent enterprise-grade network with secure connectivity using cost-efficient broadband underlay instead of MPLS. Maximise the performance of your applications and network with real-time visibility and monitoring via an intuitive cloud portal.

How it works

Key Features
Bandwidth Augmentation
Enjoy up to 10x more bandwidth with increased resiliency compared to your existing MPLS solution.
Network Visibility
Gain insight into your network with granular application visibility and underlay performance, all in a single pane of glass.
Native Security
Secure your Internet access with integrated stateful firewall and advanced security functions.

Why choose our Managed SD-WAN value series?


Designed for any organisation that requires a simple SD-WAN solution, Managed SD-WAN value series deliver optimised performance and comprehensive security - all in an affordable, cloud-managed, and easy-to-deploy solution.

Costs can be reduced by up to 20% compared to a similar MPLS solution.
Easy deployment over the internet makes it cost-effective and simple to integrate with managed Wi-Fi or managed LAN.
Easy Access
The cloud portal can be assessed securely from anywhere, providing immediate insights into application performance and events.

Enable a smooth and hassle-free transition to cloud-optimised networking with StarHub Managed SD-WAN.

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