Benefits of StarHub Managed SASE

Reap cost savings
Utilising a single cloud-based platform can significantly reduce your costs and IT resources.
Reduce complexity
Simplify your security infrastructure with a unified cloud-delivered solution that provides built-in integration, eliminating the need to install, maintain and upgrade any hardware.
Optimise performance and reliability
Leveraging cloud availability, your users can access apps, the internet and corporate resources securely and consistently from anywhere they are, whether on or off the network.
Enhance user experience
Ensure optimal bandwidth and low latency by securing user connections directly at the Internet exchanges.
Gain better control and visibility
Centralised management allows you to easily control and monitor activities within hybrid environments and generate consolidated reports for quicker analysis.
Lessen administrative resources
Ease your administrative workload with a fully managed solution supported by 24x7 helpdesk and technical team.
Enjoy greater scalability
Pay for only what you need with subscription options that allow you to scale according to your security needs.
High security standards
Enjoy peace of mind with ISO27001-certification and 99.999% availability SLA.

Protect your organisation in a mobile and cloud-first world with StarHub Managed SASE.