Managed SASE Security

A traditional office setup is typically based on a private hub-and-spoke network whereby customers can control and manage. The perimeter-based security model of this traditional office setup enables customer to protect users and applications within the on-premise network architecture. Whereas, the modern office setup, is typically a direct-to-cloud architecture over the internet. Such a network cannot be controlled by the customer and this puts the network security model at risk.

Our Managed SASE Security solution provides a full suite of security-as-a-service based on four key security layers.

Firewall as a Service
We provide firewall-as-a-service (FWaaS) capabilities with the full inbound and outbound protection, native user authentication and access control, and Layer 3–7 single-pass inspection to secure branch offices against threats.
Cloud Secure Web Gateway
We provide secure web gateway (SWG) functionality for remote users across all web traffic protocols and applications in hybrid environments. We also provide URL and content filtering for users based on dynamic group monitoring, allowing you to implement granular behavior-based policies. Advanced DNS security prevents command-and-control (C2) callback and DNS tunneling attacks.
Zero Trust Network Access
Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) authenticates and connects users to applications based on granular role-based access control and provides a single pane of glass to create and enforce policies. We support both agent-based and agentless connection methods to provide secure remote access regardless of a user’s location. Unlike standalone VPN or proxy solutions, we perform single-pass traffic inspection for malware, data loss, and malicious behaviour after users connect.
Cloud Access Security Broker
We implement security controls that combine inline API security and contextual controls to determine access to sensitive information. These controls are implemented together in an integrated manner and applied throughout all cloud application policies.

How it works

Key Features
Internet Security
Threat Prevention
URL Filtering
DNS Security
Sandbox Detection
Cloud Access Security Broker
Additional Security Features with Customisable Options
Physical Firewall (optional)

Protect your organisation in a mobile and cloud-first world with StarHub Managed SASE.