Share talktime & data with your smart watch.

With NumberShare, you can now work, use apps and make calls with your smart cellular watch, by sharing talktime and data with your existing mobile plan. Plus, drive on-the-go productivity with an additional 1GB free data and 50 mins talktime* each month.

Enjoy these perks at just $8.15/month, no contract and activation fee required.



*Additional 1GB free data and 50 min talktime is not applicable to customers on corporate data pooling plans.

Why choose NumberShare
  • Stay productive - make calls and check emails on your cellular watch, even without your mobile phone
  • Enjoy more freedom - share voice minutes & data from your cellular watch with your existing mobile plan
  • Consistent customer reach - calls are made from a single number as NumberShare will be tagged to your main mobile line
  • Upsize your data bundle with an additional 1GB free local data + 50 min talktime per month on your main mobile plan
NumberShare FAQ

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