What you need to enjoy NumberShare.

An eligible business mobile plan

Don't have a StarHub mobile plan?
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A compatible iPhone

You'll need iPhone 6 or later on iOS 12.2.

A compatible cellular watch

Your Apple Watch needs to be on watchOS 5.2.

Follow these steps to set up NumberShare.

Step A

Before you subscribe to NumberShare, please turn on Bluetooth on your Apple Watch and pair it to your iPhone via Apple Watch App. Select “Set Up for Myself” and follow these instructions.

Once you’re done pairing, open the Apple Watch App on your iPhone.



Step B

Scroll down and select "Mobile Data".

Step C

Select "Set Up Mobile Data".

Step D

Select "Subscribe" to sign up for NumberShare.

Step E

You're all set! We're tightening things up before your watch is linked to your phone and you'll receive an SMS notification when we're done.

You may be required to perform additional steps from here depending on your device.

Step F

Your Apple Watch will be automatically connected to the StarHub network. You can check the signal strength from the Control Center of the Explorer watch face on your Apple Watch.

If the cellular button turns green, it means your Apple Watch is connected to the StarHub network.

For more information, please visit Apple support page.

Note: To sign up for NumberShare, your authorised officer's approval via My Business Account is required. 
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