Enhance your mobile plan with corporate essentials like Data-free apps, DataJump, Voice and SMS Upsize, SmartSupport, International Roaming and more.

Data-free apps

Enjoy worry-free data usage on your chats, social and videos

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Data Add-on

Increase business productivity on your mobile phone with more data on our 4G network. Supersize your data with DataJump or Plus 3 today!

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Share talktime & data with your smart watch.

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Voice Upsize

Customise your mobile bundle with additional talktime and pay only for what you need.


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SMS Upsize

Customise your mobile bundle with additional SMS and pay only for what you need.

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The back up plan that every business needs.

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International Roaming

No matter the distance, our wide range of roaming services will always keep you close to your loved ones.

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International Direct Dial (IDD)

Making international calls from Singapore is easier and more affordable than ever with StarHub IDD services.

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Split Billing

Enjoy better cost management for your company’s mobile expenses.

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Itemised Billing

Keep track of your mobile expenses with an accurate and detailed listing of your phone usage every month with a one-time charge of $10.70 and a monthly fee of $5.35.


Enjoy the convenience of holding one mobile number across two devices with our MultiSIM service.

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Caller Number Display

See the telephone number of the person calling you before picking up the phone.

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Caller Number Non-Display

Avoid unintentionally giving your phone number away to strangers.

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VoiceMail (Basic, Enhanced & Power Mail)

Never miss an important call again. Callers can now leave you a personal message when you are busy.

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Enjoy HD quality calls and seamless connectivity even in areas with limited mobile coverage with VoWifi.


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Full Mobile Number Portability

Retain your existing mobile number when you switch service providers.

Complimentary Value-Added Services

Maximise these free value added services for your business mobile calls.

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