Make a video call to your loved ones from anywhere in the globe
Video calls can be made on your 3G-enabled mobile phone so you can see the faces of your loved ones whenever you wish. IDD or roaming Video Calls back to Singapore can also be made when you are overseas.

How do I use it?

Making a video call is easy. Simply follow the steps below:
  1. Enter the phone number that you intend to connect to.
  2. Press the Video Call Connect button to connect to the other party.
  3. Wait for your call to be answered by the recipient.


Follow the steps below to receive a video call:
  1. When you have an incoming video call, the phone will indicate the call party’s number or name with a prompt.
  2. Do note that only the number will be shown if the person does not have Call Number Non-Display. 
  3. Press the Video Call Connect button to answer the call or the Video Call Disconnect button to reject it. 


For a video call to be successful, both the caller and the recipient of the call must be within a 3G coverage zone and using video call-capable handsets. Video calls will be interrupted if one party moves out of the 3G coverage zone.


IDD Video Calls

To make an IDD Video Call, simply dial 008 > Country Code > Telephone No., then press the Video Call Connect Button.


Roaming Video Calls

Before making a video call back home to Singapore using a 3G connection, please check that the country you are in supports this service. Remember to sign up for the International Roaming Service before you leave Singapore.


  • Charges vary for roaming video calls.
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