IDD 018


1. What is IDD 018?

IDD 018 is one of StarHub's International Direct Dial access codes which enables you to make economical outgoing voice calls to destinations overseas.

2. How does free IDD 018 VAS work?

The IDD 018 calls that you make to any of the 19 destinations will be deducted from the 700 Mins free IDD 018 bundle. In addition, local airtime rate ($0.1605/min) applies to the IDD 018 calls made and is deductible from the local voice bundle included on the mobile plan.

3. What are some of the benefits of IDD 018?

With IDD 018's Per Second Billing, you'll get to enjoy significant savings by paying only for the charges incurred based on the time you spend on each call and not a second more. In addition, you can be assured of no hidden costs with our All-Day Flat Rates.

With IDD 018, you'll also enjoy Global Coverage for you to call anywhere from SIngapore at consistently reliable call qualities.

4. How can I access IDD 018?

You can access the IDD 018 service via the StarHub Mobile (Postpaid), StarHub Prepaid and Digital Voice service.

If you are currently using a SingTel residential line, or a SingTel/M1 mobile service, you can also enjoy the benefits of StarHub's IDD 018 by registering your existing telephone numbers for StarHub International Telephone Services.

Note that this service is not available on any of SingTel and M1 prepaid mobile services.

5. How do I register for IDD 018?

Just register your SingTel residential phone number or SingTel/M1 mobile telephone number for StarHub International Telephone Services and you will automatically have access to both IDD 008 and IDD 018.

You can download an application form here. Alternatively, you can pick up an application form from any StarHub Shop or call 1800-CALL IDD (1800-2255 433) to register your existing telephone numbers.

6. I am a SingTel fixed line user but I have already registered with StarHub for access to IDD 008. Do I need to apply again for IDD 018?

No. You can make overseas calls using IDD 008/018 as long as you have registered your existing telephone numbers.

7. I am a SingTel/M1 Mobile Postpaid user. How will I be billed for my IDD 018 calls on my mobile phone?

You will receive your bills directly from StarHub. (Note that you will have to pre-register your SingTel/M1 telephone numbers with StarHub for the use of StarHub IDD services on these lines.)

8. I am a customer on the Lite/XS/S/M/L/XL Plan. Am i eligible to subscribe to the FREE IDD 018 Value-Added Service (VAS)?

Yes, you are eligible to activate the FREE IDD 018 VAS at $7/month, subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Free IDD 018 VAS. In addition, there will be a limit of 700 minutes per month for the maximum duration of the IDD calls made uner the Free IDD 018 VAS. Thereafter, for usage more than 700 minutes a month, there will be a charge impossed for the excess minutes at prevailing IDD 018 rates. 

9. I am an existing 4G/ PowerValue/ SmartSurf Value Plan customer. Am i eligible to subscribe to the Free IDD 018 VAS?

Yes, you can sign up for the Free IDD 018 VAS at $7/month. There will be a limit of 2000 minutes a month for the maximum duration of the IDD calls made under Free IDD 018 VAS.

SmartSurf HD plans are not eligible to sign up for Free IDD 018 VAS.

10. I am a StarHub Mobile (Postpaid)/Digital Voice customer. How will I be billed for my IDD 018 calls?

Your IDD 018 calls charges will be reflected in your monthly StarHub bill for the StarHub Mobile/Digital Voice service.

11. I have a SharePlus main line and SharePlus child line that are both subscribed to the FREE IDD018 VAS at $7 per month, how does the IDD 018 talktime cap apply to both of my mobile lines?

If you are on the Lite/XS/S/M/L/XL Plans, your IDD 018 talktime will be capped at 700 minutes a month for each individual SharePlus main and child line. If you are on the older plans like 4G/ PowerValue/ SmartSurf Value Plans, your IDD 018 talktime will be capped at 2000 minutes a month for each individual SharePlus main and child line. Hence the IDD 018 talktime cap will not be shared across the SharePlus main and child lines.

12. Will my StarHub bill separately reflect the calls made via IDD 008 and IDD 018?

Yes, there will be separate listings for IDD 008 and IDD 018 calls on the bill.

13. How soon can I use IDD 018 once I have applied for the services?

After you have sent in your application form, you can start using IDD 018 within seven working days from the time we receive the duly completed form and necessary supporting documents from you, subject to our approval of your application. 

14. How do I make a call using IDD 018?

Please dial the access code 018 followed by the international telephone number as follows:
018 > Country Code > Area Code (if any) > Telephone Number

15. Are there any service charges for IDD 018?

There are no registration or subscription charges. Calls are charged on a per-second basis, so you need only pay for what you use.

16. What destinations can I reach with IDD 018?

IDD 018 gives you global coverage. For more information about which destinations you can call, or for assistance, please dial 1633.

17. Whom can I speak to for more information on IDD 018?

You can contact our Customer Care Consultants at 1633.

18. What is the difference between IDD 018 and IDD 008?

IDD 008 is our premium voice service, which offers superb quality in the form of clarity and connection. It is based on highly reliable traditional circuit-switched networks.

19. How do I read the charges displayed on my bill?

On your bill, the charges for IDD 008 / 018 will be shown under the Usage section and the charges will be itemised.


Date and Time: This is the date / time the call is received / made based on local Singapore time.
Country: This shows the destination of the call.
Tel Number: The telephone number will be listed if available. This is dependent on the roaming partner’s network.
Duration: This is the duration of your call
Amount: This is the charge based on the published rates on IDD 008/018