Am I affected by the digital TV switch?

You might have heard that Singapore is switching to digital TV by end-2017, and you need a digital set-top box to continue watching your 7 Free-to-air channels.

  1. How do I know if I’m affected?
    If you are watching Free-to-air channels via a StarHub TV HD set-top box, you are already on a digital platform and do not need to take any action.

    If you would like to start enjoying your favourite shows in High Definition (HD) and your current set-top box looks like the one below HubStation DCI162SHB, it is time for a set-top box upgrade for better viewing experience.

HubStation set-top box
Rental fee: $8.56/mth

It is time for a set-top box upgrade to start enjoying your favourite shows in High Definition (HD).

Samsung HD Interactive set-top box
Rental fee: $6.42/mth

  1. Why should I upgrade to an HD set-top box?
    See more, hear more, experience more when you watch StarHub TV in high-definition. HDTV offers at least 4 times greater detail than SDTV (Standard Definition TV) – crystal clear images, incredibly vivid colours and cinematic sound quality.

    On top of Free-to-air channels, you get access to channels available only in HD*! Enjoy popular and acclaimed shows from world-class channels like BBC First, RTL CBS Entertainment, Smithsonian Channel, Oh!K and more.

    *The additional HD-only channels availability is dependent on customer's subscription.

  2. How to record your favourite shows?
    Record your favourite shows with a Smart TV subscription^.

  • Purchase a Western Digital Storage Device from selected StarHub Shops.
  • Connect it to your Samsung HD Interactive set-top box.
  • Press the BLUE button on your remote control to subscribe and start recording.

^Subscription to Smart TV at $4.28/month is required. Only applicable with Samsung HD Interactive set-top box.

  1. How do I change my set-top box?

Skip the queue by booking an e-appointment at you preferred StarHub Shop to swap your HubStation to a HD Interactive set-top box.