Renumbering of Mediacorp HD channels

Please note that with effect from 31 May, 12 noon, the following free-to-air channels under Mediacorp will be renumbered on StarHub TV in our effort to improve customer’s TV viewing experience. Customers would only be required to tune in to one channel rather than to navigate 2 separate channels.  

Channels Old Channel Number
New Channel Number
Channel 5 HD
Channel 8 HD
Suria HD
Channel NewsAsia HD
okto HD
Vasantham HD

What do I have to do?
Customers who are viewing the affected channels will need to tune in to the new channel numbers to continue viewing these channels.

Are my scheduled recordings on HD channels affected after the renumbering?

Do I have to record these programs in HD again? 

Customers on Cable

No, it will not be affected. You do not need to record these programs again. 

Customers on Fibre

For customers on Fibre who schedule recordings on the old HD channel numbers (Ch 155,

Ch 154, Ch 116,Ch 184,Ch 183,Ch 156), for programs beyond 31 May 2017, 12noon,

the recordings will be lost since the old HD channels will cease.

Thus, you will need to re-set your recording schedules on the new HD channel numbers

(Ch 102,Ch 103,Ch 104,Ch 106,Ch 108,Ch 105). Our suggestion is to re-set your recording

schedules to the new channel numbers before 31 May, 12 noon so as to not miss any


Can I continue to watch programs in high definition quality after the renumbering exercise?

Yes, you may continue to watch the programs in high definition if you are using a digital HD

set-top box. 

Do I have to upgrade my set-top box for the renumbering exercise?

No, you do not need to upgrade your set-top box.

For Commercial Customers

Steps to tune to the new channel number.

For Corporate (not on headend system)

Press CH UP or DOWN button to tune to the new channel number using the remote control.

For Corporate, Hotels & Hospitals (on headend system)

Tune to the new channel number using the ▲Channel ▼button on the Set-Top Box.

DO NOT tune using the remote control.