Go Disney


  1. 1. What is Go Disney?
    Go Disney is a video-on-demand streaming service available exclusively as part of StarHub Go, where you can enjoy brand new episodes, full series, shorts, movies and live TV streaming from Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD.

  2. Who is eligible for Go Disney?
    Go Disney is available to all existing StarHub and non StarHub customers for purchase, as long you have registered for a Hub iD. StarHub TV customers with kids basic group and StarHub TV Go Value-Added Service subscription can enjoy Go Disney for free.

  3. Do I need to be a StarHub customer to subscribe to Go Disney?
    No. StarHub and non StarHub customers can subscribe to Go Disney, as long you have a valid Hub iD.

  4. How do I access the Go Disney content?
    Go Disney content is available as part of StarHub Go. To enjoy the service, you will have to log in with your Hub iD. Subscription is available at $4.90/month. For iOS users, Go Disney is available at $5.98/month. Existing StarHub TV customers with Kids basic group subscribed to StarHub TV Go Value-Added Service, can enjoy Go Disney for free.

  5. What devices are compatible with Go Disney?
    Go Disney is available on StarHub Go. Find the latest list of devices compatible with StarHub Go App here.

  6. Why is the pricing on IOS different compared with those via Android/Web?
    If you sign up on an iOS device (iPad or iPhone) and pay for your StarHub Go subscription with your iTunes account, there is an additional charge due to transaction cost associated with Apple.

    You may choose to sign up on starhubgo.com to avoid this additional charge.

  7. How many devices can I stream concurrently on Go Disney?
    Streaming is allowed on only one device at any one time per Hub iD.

  8. How can I stream Go Disney with no data charges?
    You can stream Go Disney with no data charges when you stream via your StarHub Postpaid Mobile. Customers are required to set their mobile data access point (APN) to ‘shwap’ in order to enjoy streaming with no data charges.

  9. How will I be billed for Go Disney?
    For StarHub customers, Go Disney will be billed monthly to your StarHub bill. For non StarHub customers who purchased via credit card, Go Disney will be billed monthly to the credit card that you have subscribed with. Customers who purchased the 30-day pass through the iOS App store will be billed to the credit card you have registered in your iTunes account.

  10. Why is Disney moving its video-on-demand service to StarHub Go?
    From 16 May 2018, Disney will migrate all of its VOD content and consolidate them on Go Disney which is available on StarHub Go to allow for greater convenience to StarHub TV customers with Kids basic group who can enjoy Disney linear channels and on demand content within one platform. It also enables StarHub mobile subscribers to enjoy data-free streaming via StarHub Go app.

  11. If I am a current Disney Channel Apps user, how should I continue to enjoy the service?
    The 3 mobile apps – Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD – will cease its service from 16 June 2018. The content offering will move to Go Disney, which is available on StarHub Go. Users may download the StarHub Go app from the App Store or Google Play or visit starhubgo.com.

  12. How different is the content available on the Disney channels on StarHub TV set-top box compared to what is available on Starhub Go?
    StarHub TV customers with Kids basic group who have been accessing channel 300 for Disney on Demand content can continue to catch up on the latest episodes via their set up box. Alternatively, they can access Go Disney via the StarHub Go app to watch the latest episodes, full series, shorts and movies on the go.

  13. Can I access Go Disney if I’m traveling or away from home?
    Go Disney is only available in Singapore. You will not be able to access if you are overseas.

  14. Where can I get support for Go Disney?
    You may email go@starhub.com for support.

  15. How can I unsubscribe from Go Disney?
    You can log in to My Account with your Hub iD to unsubscribe from Go Disney.