1. What is FOX+?
    FOX+ is a HD video streaming app that allows you to enjoy the latest TV series, Hollywood blockbusters, Asian Movies, Live sports and inspiring documentaries to suit your lifestyle. You can download FOX+ App on google play or app store or head to

  2. Who is eligible for FOX+?
    FOX+ is available to all existing StarHub customers (except Prepaid customers) as long as you have registered for a Hub iD.

  3. What devices are compatible with?
    For new features and product updates please visit for the latest information.
    FOX+ is compatible with:
    • iOS9+
    • Android 4.4+
    • The recommended web browser is Chrome (59 and below)
    FOX+ also supports:
    • Apple TV
    • Google Chromecast

  4. How do I Login Via my StarHub Subscription?
    1. Launch FOX+
    2. Click ‘Get Started’
    3. Sign in with StarHub
    4. Enter your Hub iD and Password
    5. Start enjoying FOX+

  5. Do I need to be a StarHub customer to subscribe to FOX+?
    Yes, you do, you would need to be a StarHub customer (with a postpaid billing account with StarHub) to subscribe to FOX+.

  6. Can I access FOX+ if I have an account and travel to another country?
    Yes. You can access FOX+ if it is available in the country you are travelling to. Currently FOX+ is available in Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan with more countries to come. (Content does vary based on the different countries). However, should you be travelling to a country where FOX+ is not currently available, we would recommend downloading your favourite shows and watching them offline or on airplane mode.

  7. How many shows can be watched concurrently on a FOX+ Account?
    At any given time, you can enjoy FOX+ concurrently on 2 devices, with a maximum of 5 profiles per account across, 10 different devices.

  8. How many profiles can there be for each FOX+ account?
    Each FOX+ account can support up to 5 unique profiles. Each profile can be customized to suit your preference.

  9. I forgot my Hub id and Password, what should I do?
    Click the forgot Hub iD or Password in the FOX+ log in screen, followed by a retrieval verification will be sent to you.

  10. How can I activate Parental Control?
    1. You can activate parental control by:
    2. Going into Settings
    3. Click on Parental Controls
    4. Enter a 4-digit passcode
    (Any R21 content will require you to key in the correct passcode to continue viewing the content)

  11. How will I be billed for FOX+?
    FOX+ will be billed monthly to your StarHub bill.

  12. I already signed up for a Hub iD, why do I still need to sign up and create a FOX+ account?
    FOX+ requires you to create an account with them, that links to StarHub Hub iD. This only requires a one-time creation and log in on FOX+, saving you the hassle enabling you to easily switch between devices to resume streaming content.

  13. I have set up Parental Control and/or R21 Password in StarHub Go, do I need to set it up again in FOX+ App/Web portal?
    Yes you do. FOX+ requires a separate R21 PIN Code from StarHub Go. FOX+ has a varied range of content and the R21 pin is mandatory to ensure the appropriate use of content.

  14. I am a StarHub Mobile customer, will I incur data charges if I stream with FOX+? 
    Data charges will apply. We recommend you to stream via wifi or download your shows via wifi before watching your shows on-the-go.

  15. Where can I get support for FOX+?
    For Hub iD, account information and subscription, please contact the StarHub support team by emailing to For any FOX+ App related issues, such as content, app features and the latest updates, feel free to get in touch with FOX+ directly at

  16. How can I unsubscribe to FOX+?
    Login to My Account  with your Hub ID to unsubscribe FOX+.