StarHub TV d’Lite FAQ


  1. What is StarHub TV d’Lite Pack?
    StarHub TV d’Lite Packs are a new selection of genre-based TV packs that come without any Basic Group channels. You can choose to sign up to any of the packs with a 12-month contract to enjoy one free set-top box rental for 12 months. Alternatively, you can opt for no contract option and the set-top box rental fee of $6.42/mth will apply. You will need to have at least 1 HD Interactive set-top box or Fibre TV set-top box to subscribe to StarHub TV d’Lite.

    Find out more on the full selection of StarHub d’Lite Pack available.

  2. I am a current StarHub TV customer. Am I able to sign up to the new StarHub TV d’Lite Pack?
    You will be able to switch to StarHub TV d’Lite if you are currently not fulfilling any HD Pack/Add-on Pack/Channel Pack contract.

  3. What is the difference between the 12-mth contract option and the no contract option for StarHub TV d’Lite?
    The difference is that you will enjoy free set-top box rental fee for 12-mth for 1 HD Interactive/Fibre TV box if you opt for the 12-mth contract option. You will need to pay $6.42/month for the set-top box rental fee if you choose the no contract option.

  4. I have signed up to a StarHub TV d’Lite Pack, i.e. Movies d’Lite, with 12-mth contract. Can I change it to another StarHub TV d’Lite Pack during the contract period?
    You can switch between the different StarHub TV d’Lite packs anytime and continue fulfilling the remaining contract term without incurring any penalty.

  5. I am an existing StarHub TV d’Lite Pack customer. Can I subscribe to more than one d’Lite Pack at one time?
    Yes, you can subscribe to more than one d’Lite Pack(s) at any time. Click here to login to your Hub ID and subscribe.

  6. I am an existing StarHub TV d’Lite customer. How can I add more channels to my subscription?
    You will be able to add more d’Lite packs at any time. If you are under a 12-mth contract for d’Lite packs, you can recontract to a HD Pack. If you are not under a 12-mth contract for the d’Lite packs, you can either switch plan to a HD pack or contract to a HD pack. Subscribe StarHub d’Lite Pack from online store.

  7. Why are there more channels in some of StarHub TV d’Lite packs when the price is the same or lower?
    The channels offered under the respective d’Lite packs are packaged based on the content that suits the various genre groups and the value that it offers, and are not offered based on the count of the channels.