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Cross Carriage Of Premier League

The Media Development Authority of Singapore directed Singtel to offer the Premier League (PL) ‘LIVE’ matches for cross-carriage, starting from 2016/17 to 2018/19. The PL seasons from August 2016 to May 2019 are considered to be Qualified Content that Singtel needs to make available to customers who are using the StarHub TV set-top box.

That’s why it is now possible to watch the PL 2016/17 to 2018/19 with StarHub TV set-top boxes, as well as Singtel TV set-top boxes.

Our goal is to make signing up and viewing the action, as seamless as possible for you. As such, we have prepared a list of information and FAQ to address some of your queries.

Eligibility & How To Sign Up

Who can sign up with SingTel to watch BPL channels on StarHub TV set-top box?

  • StarHub TV customers

What is needed?


PL matches will be broadcast in High Definition (HD) and you will need a HD set-top box to watch. If you are currently using a Standard Definition (SD) i.e. digital set-top box or HubStation, you can upgrade to HD Interactive set-top box at any of our StarHub Shops/Customer Service Centres and Exclusive Partners.

How to sign up?

Simply visit any Singtel retail shop or contact the Singtel Sales hotline at 1609 with your StarHub TV Subscription ID and the NRIC/FIN no. of the StarHub TV subscriber in hand.

The PL channels will be activated within 5 working days after your subscription request has been successfully submitted to Singtel. You will also receive an SMS notification from Singtel.

PL Channel Numbers On StarHub TV Set-Top Box
Channel Name PL Channel Numbers On StarHub TV Set-Top Box
(HD) mio Stadium 102
Ch 227
(HD) mio Stadium 103
Ch 228
(HD) mio Stadium 104
Ch 229
(HD) mio Stadium 105
Ch 230
(HD) mio Stadium 106
Ch 231
(HD) mio Stadium 107
Ch 232
(HD) mio Stadium 108
Ch 233
Cross Carriage of BPL FAQ