Dear valued customers,

We understand your anticipation of the upcoming BPL season which will be cross carried on StarHub TV. Our goal is to make the signing up and viewing as seamless as possible for you. Thus we have prepared a list of FAQs to address some of your queries.

Sign-Up & Subscription Enquiries

What does the cross-carriage of PL mean?
What do I need and how do I subscribe to the PL channels on StarHub TV?
Why do I need to contact Singtel for the subscription to the PL channels on my StarHub TV set-top box?
How many PL channels will I get and how much is the subscription?
Is there any difference in the content between watching PL on Singtel TV and StarHub TV?
Do I need to subscribe to both Singtel TV and StarHub TV to enjoy the complete coverage?
If I have both StarHub TV and Singtel TV in my house, does it mean that I will only need to subscribe to PL on just one service and still get to enjoy it on both boxes?
When can I submit my subscription request?
When will the channels be activated on my StarHub TV set-top box?
I have more than one StarHub TV set-top box. Is the PL available on all my set-top boxes? Is Singtel allowed to charge me extra for each set-top box receiving the PL?
Will there be any commitment period or early termination charge if I were to terminate my PL channels subscription?
I’m currently subscribing to Singtel TV and StarHub TV. How can I move my PL channel subscription to watch on my StarHub TV set-top box?

Content Enquiries

Are there any other Singtel channels I can subscribe on my StarHub TV set-top box?
How many years will PL be available on cross-carriage?
Are the Champions League, Europa League, FA Community Shield, FA Cup and Capital ONE Cup available on cross-carriage as well?

Billing Enquiries

Will the subscription to PL channels be charged under my StarHub TV monthly bill?
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