SmartWallet FAQ

1.          What is NFC?

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless communication technology that allows exchange of data between NFC-enabled devices. This technology enables you to make contactless payments, download information and transfer files wirelessly at close range.

2.          How is NFC useful to me?

NFC leverages on the existing contactless infrastructure which is already available for retail payment. When enhanced onto a NFC supported mobile handset, it enables you with the added convenience of having a payment facility via the handset. For example, to make a payment using the NFC handset, simply tap your mobile handset at a contactless payment terminal at supporting retail outlets. You may also use it to tap and pay for your bus/MRT/LRT rides if you’re using one of the handsets approved for transit usage.

StarHub leverages on NFC to introduce SmartWallet as a form of payment service to StarHub Mobile Postpaid customers.

3.          What is SmartWallet?

SmartWallet is a mobile value-added service from StarHub offering you a personal mobile wallet on the go providing total convenience and security. It allows you to store NFC ez-link purse on SmartWallet and use it to pay for your purchases via an NFC supported mobile handset securely and quickly. In addition, you may browse and redeem discount coupons or book movie tickets, all in a single tap.

4.          Who can subscribe to SmartWallet Service?

All StarHub Mobile customers will be able to use some of the features available within the SmartWallet app. However, only StarHub customers with NFC SIMs and active SmartWallet Service will be able to enjoy the full features of SmartWallet app.

SmartWallet Service is available to all StarHub Mobile Postpaid customers.

Please note that NFC Transit SIM is currently not available for BRN customers.

5.         How do i subscribe to SmartWallet Service?

Simply visit any StarHub Shop to subscribe to SmartWallet service and replace your current SIM card with StarHub NFC SIM card.  You will also be advised to purchase an NFC mobile handset if you do not have one.  However, the use of NFC ez-link purse will be subject to the terms and conditions of the card issuer, EZ-Link Pte Ltd.

6.          How much do I have to pay to subscribe to SmartWallet? 

There is no monthly subscription required to subscribe to SmartWallet service but there will be one-time SIM card fee of $37.45*.

* Fee may vary based on promotions.

No. Description One-Time Charges (inclusive of GST)
1 StarHub NFC SIM card charge $37.45*
2 SmartWallet Activation charge $0
*Fee may vary based on promotions

7.          How much do I have to pay to use NFC ez-link purse?

The NFC ez-link purse fee of $5 is currently waived.

* Please note that the NFC ez-link purse comes with $0 stored value. You may top-up the NFC ez-link purse using the SmartWallet app, at DBS/POSB ATMs, EZ-Link top-up machines at MRT stations or by using EZ-Link app, which can be downloaded from Google Play. 


8.          Will I incur any data charges when using SmartWallet?

Data usage will be deducted from your mobile bundle (if any) or MaxMobile data plan. Prevailing rate apply to excess data usages.

Note: Usual data roaming charges will apply if you are accessing SmartWallet overseas.


9.          What is the average data usage when accessing SmartWallet and downloading payment card information or coupons?

Data usage varies based on your usage of the SmartWallet App but on average, it should not exceed 5 mb per month (excluding 15MB download of the App).


10.          How do I use SmartWallet?

To use the service, you can access the service menu via the SmartWallet App .


11.          How are my payment card credentials protected in SmartWallet?

The NFC SIM card issued for SmartWallet is fully certified for use in NFC payment by various global payment standards authorities such as EMVCo, MasterCard, VISA as well as EZ-Link. All information is encrypted and stored both in a special memory area called the “Secure Element” of the SIM as well as during over-the-air data transfers between the NFC-enabled handset and the payment terminal. There'll also be an automatic shut down of the SmartWallet App after 2 minutes of inactivity. All these features enable StarHub's SmartWallet users to enjoy NFC payment and lifestyle services with peace of mind.


12.      Who do I call for help for problems with SmarWallet?

If your problem is pertaining to:

-      NFC ez-link purse related enquiries (including transactions such as top-up and refunds), please contact EZ-Link Customer Service Hotline at 6496 8300, Monday to Sunday, 8am to 6pm excluding public holidays.

-      Handset and SIM card related enquiries (including lost handsets & SIM) or to reset your SmartWallet Passcode, please contact our 24-hour Customer Service Hotline at 1633.


13.      What do I need to do if I want to terminate the payment cards in my SmartWallet?

For queries on termination of NFC ez-link purse, please contact Ez-link Customer Service Hotline at 6496 8300, Monday to Sunday, 8am to 6pm excluding public holidays.


14.      Will I be able to use the payment cards after I have terminated SmartWallet?

Yes, you will able to continue using the NFC ez-link purse if the payment card has yet to expire.

SmartWallet App FAQ

1.       What is SmartWallet App?

SmartWallet App is a mobile application from StarHub that provides an intuitive and attractive graphical user interface to access to the SmartWallet service.


2.       How do I get it?

You may download the SmartWallet app from Google Play via your handset for FREE!


3.       Which are the NFC supported handsets that can be used with it?

Handset Models recommended* for retail and transit (bus/MRT/LRT) payments

LG Optimus G

LG Optimus G Pro

Samsung GALAXY ACE 3 With LTE

Samsung GALAXY Note II LTE

Samsung GALAXY Note Edge 4G+



Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy S6 4G+

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ 4G+

Samsung Galaxy S7 4G+

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge 4G+

Sony Xperia™ Z

Sony Xperia™ Z2

Sony Xperia™ Z3

Sony Xperia™ Z3 Compact

Sony Xperia™ Z5

Sony Xperia™ Z5 Premium

* The list of recommended handsets has better performance for transit usage but you may use other NFC handsets for transit payments at your own discretion. For phones with dual SIM card slots, please insert the NFC SIM into SIM card slot 1.
Handset Models recommended for retail payments only


HTC One (M8)

LG G Flex

LG G Flex 2

LG G Pro 2



Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Express

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE

Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE+

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 4G+

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Sony Sola

Sony Xperia M2

Sony Xperia M4 Aqua

Sony Xperia S

Sony Xperia SP

Sony Xperia T2 Ultra

Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Sony Xperia Z1

4.       If I am not a StarHub subscriber, can I still download it?

Yes, you can still download this app but only StarHub subscribers with StarHub SIM card can access the services in the app.  To enjoy all features of SmartWallet app, please use a StarHub NFC SIM.

5.   Why does my SmartWallet application exit after two minutes? 

For security purposes, SmartWallet App will close if there is no activity on the wallet after two minutes to safeguard against unauthorized access.

6.   I have recently upgraded my handset to Android version 4.4.2 and my NFC ez-link purse no longer works. What should I do?

This could be due to other payment apps installed on the device. Under phone “Settings”, select “Tap & Pay”. Ensure that “SmartWallet” is selected.      


7.       How do I make payment with SmartWallet?

Ensure that NFC function of your handset is switched on. On your device, select “Settings” > “NFC and sharing” > “NFC”*.

*Steps may vary based on the handset model.

Simply proceed to tap your handset on the payment terminal accepting NFC ez-link purse. Payment can be made without launching the SmartWallet app as long as NFC function of your device is switched on.

For unsuccessful payments via NFC ez-link purse, please try again by switching on the NFC function of your handset.


8.       What is “Coupons”?

It is a special feature provided by SmartWallet App that allows you to use digital discount coupons to enjoy offers at selected merchants.


9.       How do I find available coupons?


You can find available coupons by selecting “Coupons” in the main SmartWallet menu.

 Select “All” to view all coupons available for use. You can filter these coupons by category or search by specific merchant name.

“Nearby” shows the list of coupons available within 1 km radius of your current GPS location.

GPS will need to be turned on in order to view the available coupons.

10.       How do I find out more about the coupon?


You can tap on the coupon image to see the details including the terms and conditions and description of offers. You can also press the map pin button at the top right of the screen to check the location of where you can redeem it.

11.       Can I use the coupons in my handset with my physical credit card?

Yes, the coupons in SmartWallet App can be redeemed with any mode of payment accepted by the merchant subjected to the Terms and Conditions outlined within the coupon detail page.



12.       Will I be informed if a coupon can be used at the merchant store or location I am in?

No, this feature is currently not available.


13.       Can I download the same coupon multiple times?

Each coupon’s terms and conditions are stipulated by the merchant. Some merchants may limit coupons to 1 per person while others allow multiple coupons per person.



14.       Why are the coupons displayed in “Nearby” coupon folder not at my location?

Please ensure that your GPS/location service is enabled and Flight/Airplane mode is disabled on your handset.


15.   Can I use expired coupons?

Expired coupons cannot be used for redemption.

1.       How does NFC work on NFC ez-link purse?

With SmartWallet app on your NFC supported mobile handset and StarHub NFC SIM card, you will be able to carry out cashless transactions at retail outlets which accept EZ-Link payment and also pay for your bus/MRT/LRT rides if you are using one of the handsets approved for transit usage. To make payments, simply tap on the payment terminal. The amount will be automatically deducted from the NFC ez-link purse. In addition, you can also check the NFC ez-link purse detail and transaction history on SmartWallet.

2.       Where can I use my NFC ez-link purse for payment?

You can use the NFC ez-link purse stored in SmartWallet App on your NFC handset to make transactions at all retail outlets or taxis that accept EZ-Link payment and for bus, MRT and LRT rides*. However, you are not able to use it for Electronic Parking, ERP or VEP.

* Please note that bus/MRT/LRT payments can only be made using the new NFC Transit SIM on selected Android devices.

3.       When can I start purchasing NFC Transit SIM?

You may purchase the new NFC Transit SIM from any StarHub shops and Executive Partner outlets. Please note that NFC Transit SIM is currently not available for BRN customers.


Please note that NFC Transit SIM is currently not available for BRN customers.

4.       Can I use my existing NFC SIM to pay for bus/ MRT/ LRT rides?

You need to have the new NFC Transit SIM and an NFC device approved for transit to do so.

If the expiry date of your NFC ez-link purse is before 26 August 2020, please note that the SIM cannot be used for bus/MRT/LRT payments. It may only be used for NFC ez-link purse payments at retail stores and on taxis. You may check the expiry of NFC ez-link purse via SmartWallet app.

5.       Will there be any other financial charges incurred for using NFC ez-link purse to make payment?

No. There are no additional charges in relation to usage of the payment facilities for NFC ez-link purse on SmartWallet.  You can use it like a physical EZ-Link card.

6.       Which modes of public transport can accept payment via NFC ez-link purse?

Payment via NFC ez-link purse is accepted at all the MRT and LRT gantries and on bus services by both SMRT and SBS Transit.

7.       Is distance fare applicable with the use of NFC ez-link purse payment?

Yes, distance fare will be applicable for NFC ez-link purse payments. It is no different from using a physical EZ-Link card for transit payment.

8.       What do I need to ensure before using NFC payment on public transport?

Please ensure that you have sufficient balance in the NFC ez-link purse and your phone has sufficient battery life to last throughout the rail and bus journey.  Please also ensure that the NFC function of your phone is switched on before making payment.

Customers may be charged a penalty by Public Transport Council (PTC) if they are unable to produce a valid transaction record during checks. Please refer to PTC website for more details on transport fare regulations.

9.      What should I do for best user experience on rail and bus acceptance?

Please place your NFC mobile phone (less than 2cm above) near the centre of the gate terminal or tap near the centre of the reader on bus.

10.      What is the first step I should take if my transit approved NFC handset encounters any issue after tapping at transit gantry/terminal?


Please ensure that the NFC function of your mobile device is enabled.

If you still encounter problems, please switch off and then on the NFC function of your device again via the device setting menu.

If the mobile device does not respond, please reset (power off and followed by power on) the mobile device.


11.      I have tapped upon entry on the bus but I encountered problems during exit tap. I am being charged for full fare or wrong fare. What should I do next?                                                                            

If you do not tap properly at the exit, the full fare will be charged similar to physical EZ-Link card payment. This is also applicable in the event your mobile phone battery goes flat and you are not able to tap at the exit.

In the event where you are charged the full fare, you may file your claim via TransitLink Website ( or via the TransitLink Mobile Services app. Any claim due will be processed and customer will be notified via SMS.

12.  Can I do a top-up via my mobile app between the entry and exit of a bus or rail trip?

No, it is not advisable to do a top-up via mobile app between entry and exit of a bus or rail trip.

For any top-up transaction, please perform it before or after the trip.

 Please note that full fare for the trip will be deducted if a top-up transaction is performed during a bus or rail trip.

13.  I need to transfer between buses/trains. Can I do a top-up transaction between the trips?

Yes, top-up transactions may be performed during transfers between buses/trains.

14.   Where can I top-up the value on my NFC ez-link purse?

You may top-up the NFC ez-link purse using the SmartWallet app. 

You may also top-up at

a)      General Ticketing Machine (GTM) at MRT stations

b)       Add Value Machine (AVM) at MRT stations

c)       Top-up Machine (TuM) at MRT stations

d)      DBS/POSB ATMs

e)      EZ-Online Reader

f)       EZ-Link Top-up machines that can be found at all PA Community Clubs

g)      The top-up feature in the EZ-Link Mobile App on your NFC handset


For the most updated list of top-up channels to top-up your NFC ez-link purse, please refer to

15.   Is there a limit to the top-up amount for the NFC ez-link purse?

Yes, the maximum amount that the NFC ez-link purse can hold at any time is $500.

16.   Is there an expiry date to the use of my NFC ez-link purse?

Yes, there is a validity of 5 years for the use of the NFC ez-link purse.

You may check the expiry date via the SmartWallet app.

17.   How do I check the balance on my NFC ez-link purse?

You may check the balance on your NFC ez-link purse using the SmartWallet app.

18.   Where can I check the card number (“CAN”) of my NFC ez-link purse?

You may check the CAN of your NFC ez-link purse using the SmartWallet app.

You may wish to keep a record of your EZ-Link CAN which you can refer to in the event that you lose your NFC handset.


19.   Can I view my transactions made using the NFC ez-link purse?

Yes. You may view the transaction history using the SmartWallet app.


20.   Can my NFC ez-link purse be on EZ-Reload by Card or EZ-Reload by GIRO scheme?


Yes, customers with NFC Transit SIM may contact EZ-Link to apply for EZ-Reload.

Please note that EZ-Reload is only available for NFC ez-link purse expiring on or after 1 January 2021. You may check the expiry of your NFC ez-link purse via SmartWallet app.

For more information on EZ-Reload, please visit

21.   What happens to my NFC ez-link purse if I change to a new SIM card?

If you change to a new SIM card, please note that the NFC ez-link purse in the old NFC SIM card will not be transferred to the new NFC SIM card which will contain a new NFC ez-link purse.

You may contact EZ-Link to request for a refund of the remaining amount in your old NFC ez-link purse.

22.   Can I get the remaining value stored in my NFC ez-link purse back if I lose my NFC handset?

In order to claim any remaining value stored on your NFC ez-link purse if you lose your NFC SIM, you are required to have registered with EZ-Link’s Activate! program via “EZ-Link” app.

If you have registered as ‘Activate!’ member, you can contact EZ-Link hotline to block the NFC ez-link purse, and follow up with submission of a police report with regards to the loss of your NFC ez-link purse. Please note that should there be any usage of your NFC ez-link purse during the period which you have lost your NFC handset, you will only be refunded the balance from the date your NFC ez-link purse was blocked.  Please refer to the Activate! program for more details. 

Should there be any value to be refunded to you, you will need to nominate a physical EZ-Link card or another NFC ez-link purse to transfer the remaining value to. The transfer of the balance to another card can be done by selecting “Update Your Card” option on My EZ-Link Mobile app.

23.   I do not want to use the NFC ez-link purse on SmartWallet anymore. How can I get the refund of the remaining value back?

We will encourage you to use up the remaining value on your NFC ez-link purse. If you would like to get a refund, you may call EZ-Link Customer Service hotline at 6496 8300 (Monday to Sunday, 8am to 6pm excluding public holidays) or email EZ-Link at  to arrange for an appointment to visit EZ-Link office.  You will need to bring along the following items:

 (a) Your NFC handset

(b) Your NFC SIM


Please note that EZ-Link may require up to 21 days to process the refund.

General Troubleshooting FAQ

Scenario 1: You are making a retail purchase at a merchant outlet that accepts NFC ez-link purse payment. However, the cashier declines to accept payment by NFC ez-link purse as he/she is not familiar with this new payment product. 

You should gently inform the cashier:

  • that this is a new payment mode which is similar to ez-link card payment. The only difference is that there is no physical card. Instead, the payment facility has been embedded onto your mobile handsets.

  • Payment to the retail outlet will be made via ez-link transactions

Thereafter, a successful transaction is recognised by the receipt that is printed after the payment is made.

Scenario 2: You are making a purchase at a merchant outlet that accepts NFC ez-link purse payments. However, the contactless payment reader is not detecting your NFC enabled handset after repeated tries.

Attempt the transaction again by:

  • tapping your NFC supported handset at another angle
  • tapping your NFC supported handset at a varied distance
  • holding your NFC supported handset for 2-3 seconds at the contactless payment reader

If the problem still persists, please make payment via another method

FAQ for Movie Tickets Service

1.       What is Movie Tickets?


Movie Tickets is an application within StarHub SmartWallet for customer to book movies tickets at Shaw Theatres and tap and print their movie tickets at the terminal located at the Shaw phone/ internet-booking counter. 


2.       How can customers enjoy the Movie Tickets service?


Customers are required to download the StarHub SmartWallet application on their mobile phones to enjoy the Movie Tickets service.


Please note that only selected NFC supported handset models can be used for this service. For the list of supported handset models, please visit for more details.


3.       What are the general features of Movie Tickets?


Movie Tickets allows customer to browse through the list of movies currently showing at Shaw Theatres, current promotions, select their choice of movie, Theatre and seats and finally make payment for their booking through credit card to complete the transaction. Customer will be notified of the completed transaction details at the email address provided during booking.


4.       Can I check my booking details through Movie Tickets service?


Yes, you can go to “My Tickets” within the Movie Tickets service to retrieve your booking details by providing either your NRIC or Transaction ID. When customer does a search based on their NRIC, a history of up to 10 tickets that have been booked by the customer will be displayed. However, when customer does a search based on Transaction ID, only the tickets booked under the Transaction ID will be displayed.


5.       Will there be any booking fee incurred when I book my movie tickets through Movie Tickets service?


Yes, the usual Shaw online booking fee of $1.50 will apply.


Please note that the fees will be subject to changes by the operator of the movie theatre.


6.       How do I collect my movie tickets booked under Movie Tickets service?


Under “My Tickets” within the Movie Tickets service, there will be a ticket redemption icon located at the right hand corner. Customer can click on the icon and tap their handset at the contactless terminal located at the internet-booking counter while the button still remains red. The tickets will then be printed and the ticket redemption icon will turn grey.


7.       How do I turn off the red light on the ticket redemption icon?


The button will turn off by itself after the ticket redemption is being redeemed or you can press the button a second time to turn it off.


8.       What if the red light on the ticket redemption icon cannot be turned on?


You must turn on the NFC function under your handset settings. On your device, select “Settings” > “NFC and sharing” > “NFC”*.


*Steps may vary based on the handset model.


Otherwise, you will receive a message “Please enable NFC via Settings menu in your mobile handset”.


9.       There is no response to the terminal although I had already clicked on the ticket redemption icon and tap on the terminal, what should I do?


Please request for assistance from the staff at the theatres.


10.   Can I send the purchased movie tickets from my mobile to another mobile?


No. Details of the customer are stored on the customer’s phone and thus, the purchased tickets cannot be sent to another phone.


11.   I followed the steps given but I am unable to print out the ticket. What should I do?


Under your phone setting, please ensure that both ‘NFC’ and ‘Android Beam’ functions are on before trying again.


12.   I tried tapping my Samsung GALAXY Express handset on the NFC terminal to print out the movie ticket but there is no response. What should I do?


Samsung GALAXY Express users are advised to provide the booking transaction number to Shaw staff at the counter in order for them to print out the movie tickets manually.


13.   Who do I contact if I have queries regarding Movie Tickets?


Please call Shaw Customer Service hotline at (+65) 62352077 for assistance during office hours, except during lunch hour from 1pm to 2pm.


For after office hour’s enquiries/feedbacks, please use the feedback option available at