PRS (Premium Rate Services) Barring FAQ

  1. What is PRS (Premium Rate Services) Barring?

    PRS Barring refers to a value-added service use to bar content and/or a service offered by StarHub and/or other 3rd party providers. PRS Barring allow customers to bar a specific mobile number from subscribing to chargeable mobile content such as: Content Downloads (Ringtones), SMS quizzes, Direct carrier billing services such as:  Apps stores (Google play, Microsoft, 3rd party goods providers) and Games providers etc without charges.

  2. What types of PRS Barring are available?

    • 3rd party PRS barring - Customers that request for 3rd party PRS Barring will not be able to access 3rd party providers’ content services, but will still be able to access StarHub services

    • Full PRS barring - Customers that request for Full PRS Barring will not be able to access both 3rd party providers content services as well as StarHub services 

  3. How can I subscribe to PRS Barring?

    • Activation and Deactivation of the service can be requested through SMS
    • To activate 3rd Party PRS Barring only
      • SMS <BARPRS> and send to 6757
    • To activate Full PRS Barring (including StarHub Services)
      • SMS <BARSTARHUBPRS> and send to 6757
    • To deactivate PRS Barring
      • SMS <UNBARPRS> and send to 6757

  4. What are the StarHub services that will be affected if I request for Full PRS Barring?

    Below is a list of StarHub Services that will be affected in the case of Full PRS Barring
    • Direct carrier billing  (Google, Windows & 3rd Party good providers)

  5. Are there any charges associated with using this service?

    Barring request will be offered without any charges

  6. After being barred, will I still be able to login to a service to browse (or take other non-payable actions)?

    Customers are able to browse through our service even though Full PRS Barring has been requested. However, all purchases will not be allowed.