Power Mail FAQ


1. How is Power Mail service different from other messaging services available today?

In the market, you may have access to individual voice mail, fax mail, and e-mail. Power Mail integrates all your messaging mailboxes (voice, fax, and e-mail) into a single mailbox for you to access from any medium (fixed phone/mobile phone/public phone/fax machine/Internet). It keeps you well informed of all the messages received in your mailbox, so you don't miss an important call.

2. How do I access my mailbox?

Simply dial 1303. If you are calling from a phone registered with StarHub Power Mail service at the point of service registration, all you need is to enter your password. However, if you are dialing from a public phone or a phone that is not registered with StarHub Power Mail service, you need to enter the mailbox number followed by your password.

3. What do I do if I forget the password?

Simply call our Customer Care Consultants and we'll reset your password to the default password (8888).

4. What happens if my mailbox is full and someone tries to leave a message?

The system will play a message to let the caller know that your mailbox is full and that he/she cannot leave any message at that time.

5. Can more than one person send the messages to me at the same time?

Yes, the system will accept all incoming messages as long as they are within the message limit configured under your Power Mail package.

6. Can I check my messages from any phone?

Yes, as long as the phone generates touch-tone. Simply dial 1303 to check your messages.

7. When I redirect a message, does a copy of that message remain in my mailbox?

Yes, a copy of that message will remain in your mailbox until you delete it or when the retention time has expired.

8. Can I make a long distance call from my mailbox?

Currently, you are unable to make outgoing long distance calls from your mailbox. This will be available in our future Power Mail service packages.

9. Will I be notified whenever there is a new message in my mailbox?

Yes, you will get a SMS notification whenever there is a new message in your mailbox.

10. I had a message in my mailbox and after several days later, it was gone. What happened?

Messages are purged after a certain number of days depending on the Power Mail package to which you have subscribed.

11. Is there any way that I can find out whether the messaging is successfully sent?

Yes, the Power Mail system will notify you if the message does not reach the recipient.

12. Are Power Box functions same as the office email client?

No, Power Box is designed mainly for e-mail message notification. That means when there is a new e-mail message in your office or other e-mail server, you will get to see 160 characters of the forwarded e-mail message on the Power Box web site. It does not have as many functions as Lotus Notes or Outlook mail. You can have fundamental functions such as view, forward, edit, delete, or save the e-mail, voice, or fax message while you are in the Power Box web site.

13. Can I retrieve all my office or other email messages from Power Box?

Depending on the type of Power Mail package you have subscribed to, should your forwarded e-mail exceed the e-mail storage limit, you will not get an e-mail notification for any additional e-mail messages received. And you will see only the first 160 characters of the new e-mails received.

14. Can I see the whole email message instead of the first 160 characters?

If you need to see the whole e-mail message, you need to configure the right server address at Power Box and pull down the message that you wish to access. You can configure different e-mail server addresses to pull down messages from other e-mail servers. Kindly refer to the Help menu in Power Box for further assistance.

15. What happens when someone sends me a fax?

When someone sends a fax to you, your phone will ring first. If you don't pick up the call or if your line is busy, it will be diverted to your mailbox. However, if you pick up the phone while it is ringing, you will hear the fax tone. Just hang up the phone. When the system calls again, do not pick up the phone so that the fax will be sent to your Power Mail mailbox.

16. Can I use Power Mail as a fax broadcast service?

Yes, you can use Power Mail to send or broadcast faxes to other Power Mail users as long as the number of addresses is within the Broadcast List limit.

17. What is virtual number? Can I receive calls on my virtual number?

Virtual number is a number given to Power Mail subscribers. It is between four to six digits. We create this for you if you do not want to register a fixed or mobile line with Power Mail. You will not get any calls on your virtual number, however, your callers can leave messages on your virtual number by calling 1302 and entering your mailbox number (i.e. your virtual number).

18. Will there be any usage charge?

Yes, you will be charged the standard fixed or mobile airtime when you access your mailbox from a fixed or mobile phone from your service provider. Other charges will include the flat monthly subscription fee from us.

19. How can I retrieve fax messages from my mailbox?

Go to the nearest fax machine, note down the fax machine number, dial 1303 to access your mailbox. When prompted to enter the fax machine number, key in your fax machine number. Once you key in the fax machine number, the fax message will be printed on the fax machine.