Direct Carrier Billing Service for Microsoft and Xbox

1. General Service Information

How does Microsoft and Xbox Collect on Behalf (or Direct Carrier Billing) works?
Direct Carrier Billing Service is a Collect on Behalf Service offered by StarHub that allows StarHub Postpaid Mobile Subscribers make purchases on Microsoft Windows 10 platform and charge it to their monthly bill.

Is Collect on Behalf (or Direct Carrier Billing) Service available to Prepaid or Business customer?
No. This service is only available to StarHub Postpaid Mobile - Consumer subscribers.

How to sign up for Collect on Behalf (or Direct Carrier Billing)?
You need to have a Microsoft Account to setup the mobile payment option.

What kind of content can be purchased from Microsoft using Direct Carrier Billing Service?

  • Type of Content: Apps, Games, Video, Music, Desktop Softwares, Xbox
  • In-app Purchases
  • Subscriptions

What specific terms and conditions are applicable to Collect on Behalf (or Direct Carrier Billing) Service?
This Service is governed by StarHub’s service specific terms for Billing and/or Collection on behalf of Third Party Application Stores Service found on StarHub Corporate Website. By enabling this service on Microsoft you agree to these Terms of Service

Who can access my personal data?
Personal data you’ve given to us as your mobile operator can only be accessed by us. Refer to Microsoft Data Privacy terms for any personal data you may have disclosed to them during setup of Microsoft account.

2. Restrictions

Why is Collect on Behalf (or Direct Carrier Billing) Service not available to me?
Your mobile service is barred or blocked from using carrier billing service via full PRS Barring.

What is the transaction value limit and can it be changed?

  • Customers are allowed to purchase up to a maximum of S$300.00 (for selected customers, for Microsoft ) worth of digital content per transaction.
  • Transaction Value Limit is FIXED
  • Customer can switch to an alternate payment method to complete purchase.

What is the monthly spending limit and can it be changed?

  • Customers are allowed to purchase up to a maximum of S$600.00 (for selected customers, for Microsoft) worth of digital goods per calendar month per partner
  • Monthly Spending Limit is FIXED
  • Monthly Spending limit is reset on the first day of every month.
  • Customer can switch to an alternate payment method to complete purchase.

Will I be able to set up Collect on Behalf (or Direct Carrier Billing) using a single StarHub mobile number for all of the Microsoft accounts?
Yes, you can link up to 5 Microsoft Accounts under the same StarHub mobile number.

3. Bill Presentation or Charges on StarHub Bill

How will the purchase look like on my bill?
All charges will appear under the Mobile Service used at the time of purchase.
Transactions will appear under a section called: “Itemised Usage Details -> Collect of Behalf Goods/Services”

Microsoft transactions will appear under sub-section: “Microsoft Store”.

Transaction details will include following details:

  • Time of purchase
  • Content name
  • Content publisher name
  • Charges

Will customer be charged additional 7% GST on purchases made using Collect on Behalf Service?
StarHub will not charge additional GST on top of the list price.

Other than StarHub Bill, Do I receive an invoice or receipt for each purchase from Microsoft as well?

  • You'll receive an email invoice/receipt from Microsoft in the mail account used on mobile device at the time of purchase.
  • Email receipt will provide transaction info such as item name, date of transaction, support contacts and price breakdown (w applicable GST)
  • You can also login to Microsoft Account to check your transaction history.

4. Switch Payment method or Remove Collect on Behalf Service

Can I switch to an alternate payment method?
Yes. You can switch to another payment method at the time of purchase.

If I switch from StarHub to another mobile carrier, can I still continue paying via Collect on Behalf (or Direct Carrier Billing) service?
When you switch to another mobile operator, you would need to go through the process of setting up this payment method for Microsoft. If the carrier that you switch to has not enabled this service, then you won't be able to use this payment option anymore.

Can purchases be made via PC / Mac?
Yes, once you have set up the mobile billing payment option on your Microsoft account, all purchases made via PC, Xbox, Windows Phone or other devices logged in with the same Microsoft account will charged via Collect on Behalf (or Direct Carrier Billing).

5. Refund/Waiver of Charges

Can I obtain a refund for my purchase?
For more assistance, please visit

6. Service Access

Do I need a Microsoft account to use Collect on Behalf (or Direct Carrier Billing)?
Yes, it is a pre-requisite to have a valid Microsoft account even though you don´t want to use the email function. You will receive an email receipt/invoice from Microsoft after each purchase/refund transaction. The email receipt contains detailed information regarding the transaction for your future reference.

Do I need a internet connection to purchase content on Microsoft Store and Xbox?
Yes, you must be connected to Internet via mobile data or WiFi.

7. Support

Who should I contact if I have a question about a content purchase on Microsoft products?
Please contact Microsoft customer support if you have any questions or issues regarding the content or application.

  • Visit and login to their Microsoft Account
  • There is “Contact Microsoft Support” section
  • You have three options to reach Microsoft support - brief description about your issue in the enquiry box , leave your mobile number to Microsoft customer support to call back or Live chat.

I want to stop paying via Collect on Behalf (or Direct Carrier Billing) option, how can I do so?
To stop charging via Collect on Behalf (or Direct Carrier Billing), you can activate full PRS Barring.

8. Data Charges

Apart from the application listed price are there additional fees for the use of mobile billing service?
Yes. Data charges are applicable when browsing the marketplace and downloading the applications. Kindly note, if the service is used while abroad, data roaming charges are applicable.

9. Subscription

How do I manage my subscriptions?
You can see all current / past subscriptions in your Microsoft Account. To access Microsoft Account and login with your Microsoft Account.

How to cancel a subscription?
To cancel subscription, please login Microsoft Account.

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