DataShare FAQ


  1. What is DataShare?

    DataShare is a Value-Added Service (VAS) that is designed for customers to share their local data with their loved ones. Customers will need to make two simple decisions - who they want to share their data with, and how much they want to share – it’s that easy!

  2. Why do I need DataShare?

    DataShare will allow customers to share local data among members within the same billing account. As usages differ across individuals, having the option to share data with other family members allow you to optimize your data usage and gain greater cost savings.

  3. What is the price of DataShare?

    DataShare is currently offered at a promotional price of $2.14/month (with GST) per subscription (U.P. $10.70). Only the donor will be charged the $2.14/month (with GST), beneficiary is not charged. The monthly recurring charge is fixed regardless of the number of mobile lines you share local data with.
    For instance, a donor with 3 beneficiaries will be charged the same monthly recurring charge as a donor with 1 beneficiary.

    Note: This promotional price will be valid till further notice. Charges for DataShare are non-pro-rated.

  4. Is there a contract period for DataShare? If I terminate this Value-Added Service, will I be faced with any penalty charges?

    There is no minimum contract period and no penalty charge for terminating DataShare.

  5. Who is eligible for DataShare?

    All Consumer postpaid mobile subscribers with local data bundled voice plans with at least 2GB data entitlement are eligible to subscribe to DataShare. Eligible plans are: XS/S/M/L/XL Plans/ 4G 3/4/5/6/12 Plans/ 4G SIM Only Plans/ SIM Only Plans/ SurfHub Plans/ HomeHub Go Mobile plans/ HomeHub Go SurfHub 15 plans/ SmartSurf plans/ SmartSurf HD plans. Customers on Youth Perks are also eligible for DataShare.

  6. I am an Enterprise customer. Am I eligible for DataShare?

    Enterprise customers are not eligible to subscribe to DataShare. As an Enterprise customer, you are eligible for SmartShare, a Value-Added Service (VAS) which is catered specifically for Enterprise customers. To find out more, visit

  7. Who can I share my local data with?

    You can share your local data with other data bundled voice plans in the same billing account.
    Mobile lines that are eligible for data sharing will be displayed in My Account DataShare setup page (Settings > Service Settings > Manage DataShare). OR My StarHub App DataShare setup page (My Account > Share local data)

  8. How do I transfer all my mobile lines to the same billing account to start using the DataShare VAS?

    If your mobile lines belong to the same person/ NRIC but are in different billing accounts, you may proceed to do a mobile line transfer via My Account Manager.

    If the mobile lines are under different people/ NRICs, please visit any StarHub Shop with both account holders present (along with your NRICs) to complete the transaction.

  9. I have SharePlus Child lines, can these lines be beneficiaries?

    Yes, these SharePlus Child lines can be beneficiaries of DataShare for local data.

  10. Will I be able to retain my existing mobile number after transferring over to StarHub to enjoy the DataShare VAS?

    Yes, you will enjoy a free number porting service which allows you to retain the full use of your existing mobile number. For more details, visit

  11. I have just transferred my mobile lines to the same billing account in order to start sharing. When can I start using DataShare?

    You may refer to the Account Activity page in My Account to check the transfer status. Once successful, you can start configuring your DataShare settings.

  12. Where and how can I set up data sharing settings for DataShare?

    You may proceed to:

    (1)   My StarHub App : Log in > My Account > Share Local Data or

    (2)   My Account : Log in > Settings > Service Settings > Manage DataShare

    See guide to manage settings on My StarHub App here

  13. I have just set up my sharing settings for DataShare. When will my data be shared to my beneficiaries?

    Data will be shared to your beneficiaries on the first day of the next billing cycle. Any modification to the sharing settings will have to be made 2 days before the start of the next billing cycle. To check your next billing cycle, please visit My StarHub App or My Account

  14. Do I have to set up my data sharing settings every month?

    No. Once you have set up DataShare, your sharing settings will recur unless otherwise modified or deleted. Modification and deletion of data sharing settings may be performed via My StarHub App or My Account 
    Any new/ modification of sharing settings will take place from your next billing cycle. This is subjected to both donor and beneficiary mobile lines being active.

  15. Is there a minimum/ maximum amount of local data that can be shared?

    Yes, the minimum unit of local data sharing is 1GB, and the maximum unit is 12GB per donor. To ensure that the donor will still have data for use, 1GB of data is automatically retained.
    For example, if you are on a S plan which has 4GB plan data, the maximum you can share is 3GB.

  16. I have a Plus 3 Data Upsize/ Data Upsize (1GB/2GB/3GB)/ DataJump (5GB/10GB/15GB/20GB) on my mobile plan, can this be shared?

    Yes, you will be able to share your Data Upsize bundle.

    For example, if you are on a L mobile plan with DataJump VAS upsize (15GB) your total data entitlement is 23GB and you will be able to share a maximum of 22GB data.

  17. What is the sequence of data usage for DataShare?

    Data will be utilized in the following sequence: Data received from DataShare, Data Upsize VAS, and Plan data.

  18. How many family members can I share my data with?

    You can share your local data with all eligible mobile lines in the same billing account.

  19. Can I be both a donor and a beneficiary at the same time?

    No, you can only be EITHER a donor or a beneficiary of DataShare, but not both at the same time. This is to ensure that the data that you receive from a donor is not being shared to another beneficiary.

  20. I want to change from being a donor to a beneficiary. How can I do this?

    You will need to remove all beneficiary lines associated with the relevant donor line. DataShare will be removed once all beneficiary lines have been dropped. You can then proceed to be a beneficiary and receive data from your family member.

  21. I do not see my mobile lines in My Account or My StarHub App. Why is this so?

    As sharing can only occur between data bundled voice plans, note that data only plans (eg. MaxMobile) and selected voice plans will not appear. Eligible plans are: Lite, XS/S/M/L/XL/ SIM Only Plans/ SurfHub Plans/ HomeHub Go Mobile plans/ HomeHub Go SurfHub 15/ HomeHub Go SurfHub 15 add-on/ SmartSurf plans/ SmartSurf HD plans Customers on Youth Perks are also eligible for DataShare.