Call Divert


1. What does each Call Divert service do?

  • Call Divert unconditionally diverts all incoming calls to your Voicemail, or to another number you have chosen.
  • Call Divert on Busy diverts incoming calls only when you are engaged on the line.
  • Call Divert on No Reply diverts incoming calls that are not answered within 30 seconds.
  • Call Divert on Unreachable diverts incoming calls when your phone is switched off or when you are out of the network coverage area.

2. Can calls be diverted to any number?

You can divert calls to any mobile, fixed or pager number, or Voicemail; other than 1800, 1900, 995, 999, and international numbers.

3. Can I divert calls when roaming?

When travelling abroad, you cannot divert calls to an international number. However, you can divert calls to:

(i) your Voicemail (+65 9850-1302 or +65 6820-1302);

(ii) any Singapore mobile number (+65 9XXX-XXXX);

(iii) any Singapore fixed number (+65 6XXX-XXXX).

4. Why do I see "Call Divert Activated" on my mobile when I make outgoing calls - even if I have not activated this feature?

StarHub has pre-activated Call Divert to your Voicemail, which lets callers leave messages in your mailbox when you are unable to answer.

5. Will I be charged for diverted calls?

Yes, you will be charged the airtime equivalent of an outgoing call. These charges are based on your mobile service plan with StarHub.

6. If I activate Call Divert on No Reply, how long will it take for an incoming call to be diverted?

About 30 seconds. This gives you the choice of answering a call before it is diverted to your Voicemail - where you will receive a SMS notification if a message has been left in your inbox. Also, there will be a "missed call" indication on your phone, where you can view details such as the caller's number and time of call.