Menu Translator APP FAQ

  1. What kind of services can "Menu Translator" provide? 
    This application is for travellers & food lovers to translate the foreign Menu to their own language in a foreign restaurant.

  2. When can we start using "Menu Translator"? 
    "Menu Translator" is available for download from Google Play Store.

  3. Which kind of handset is "Menu Translator" compatible with? 
    Any handset with Android OS 2.3 or above and equipped with camera can use "Menu Translator".

  4. Can we use "Menu Translator" in places without network connection? 
    You can use "Menu Translator" in places where network connection is not available. However, you need to install the dictionary options for translation in advance also focusing to help our customers when roaming. Word sharing option cannot be used if there is no network connection. In terms of Word Sharing option, it is a function that links to other applications. By using this option, you can search the translated word meaning through Twitter or Google, or even send the translation to someone else by email.

  5. Can we use "Menu Translator" overseas? 
    You can use "Menu Translator" overseas without any bill shock. However, downloading and installation of the application overseas incur international data roaming charges.

  6. How many names of food does “Menu Translation” provide? Will the names be regularly updated both in quantity and by countries? 
    Menu Translator covers around 7,000-8,000 menus in each language. We plan to enhance the word accuracy on the menu translator based on the feedback from customers.

  7. Can we use "Menu Translator" if Wi-Fi is available? 

If Wi-Fi is available, of course you can use translation, installation of dictionary options and linkage to other applications such as Twitter and Google for Word Sharing, but download requires mobile data connection.

How to Use

  1. Does "Menu Translator" need any applications? 
    You do not need to do any applications for using "Menu Translator". Just download from Google Play.

  2. What should I do if I want to use "Menu Translator"? 
    You just need to download "Menu Translator" via Google Play. Data charge will be incurred for downloading "Menu Translator" application.

  3. Can I use "Menu Translator" without accepting the Terms & Conditions? 
    You must accept the Terms & Conditions in order to use the application.

  4. Which languages can be included in the translation options? 
    You can use the application to translate Korean / Japanese / Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese and English and vice versa. For the language settings, please proceed to the page for language switching. Please install the translation options that you would like to translate.

  5. Why there are some words that cannot be translated?
    The accuracy will be affected if the font on the menu is uncommon, or too large or too small. It may not read properly if the menu names are too unique.
    In the environment where it is too bright or too dark will reduce the accuracy of the Menu Translator.

  6. What do I do when the words cannot be recognized? 
    There might be mistakes on word recognition. Try to use "Menu Translator" in the environment with enough lighting. Utilize the Zoom and Macro functions if necessary will help the camera capture the words in order to recognize what is written on the menu

  7. I have tried using the Menu Translator but sometimes it cannot read the menu successfully as we did in the demonstration. Can you tell me if you will do any improvement on that? 
    We plan to enhance the word accuracy on the Menu Translator in stages based on the feedback from customers.

  8. Why the Chinese characters cannot be translated? 
    We have both Traditional and Simplified Chinese in our translation options. Please make sure which type of Chinese characters you would like to translate first.

  9. What kind of word can be translated? 
    The application is primarily intended to work for words written on food menus. However, in some cases, translations of signage and billboards can also be achieved.

  10. Can "Menu Translator" recognize the words written vertically? 
    If you switch the option by pushing the vertical words button, the application can read the words written vertically. Only Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese can be recognized vertically.

  11. Can “Menu Translator” translate sentences? 
    “Menu Translator” can only translate words. Sentences cannot be translated.

  12. Will there be any data traffic when using “Menu Translator”? 
    “Menu Translator” was designed for travellers to use the application even in an environment without network connection.


  1. How much do I need to pay for using "Menu Translator"? 
    The translation app is free of charge, but data charge will be incurred for downloading and upgrading the application. 


  1. Is there any difference between other similar applications and "Menu Translator"? 
    "Menu Translator" has pre-loaded dictionary data specialized for overseas travel. As speedy translation process system is pre-loaded in the application, "Menu Translator" can do 'on-the-go' translation immediately.