International Roaming


1. What is International Roaming?

Our International Roaming service allows you to use your mobile number to make and receive calls in countries or destinations while you are overseas.

2. Is Caller Number Display still available while roaming?

No, Caller Number Display is available only when you are in Singapore.

3. How can I ensure that I am connected to an overseas operator when roaming?

When roaming, your mobile phone will search for the strongest signal in that area to be connected to. However, in cases that you are not automatically connected to the overseas network, you can do a manual selection of the overseas network on your mobile phone (see mobile phone user guide).

4. How do I avoid being connected to an overseas network when I am in Singapore?

This can be avoided by manually selecting StarHub network under on your mobile devices.

5. How do I know if my phone has logged onto a foreign network?

Your phone will display the name of the foreign network if it has logged onto one. The display will vary from phone to phone. The network name will be displayed in one of the following forms.

  • "StarHub <Foreign Network>", example "StarHub DiGi"
  • "StarHub <Foreign Network>", example "StarHub-DiGi"
  • Sequential display of   "StarHub"  &   "Foreign network",   example  "StarHub"  then  "DiGi"
  • "Foreign network",  example  "DiGi"

6. I have subscribed to the roaming service. Why can't I make outgoing calls?

The network coverage in that area may be weak, so try moving to another area with a stronger signal. Alternatively, you can do a manual selection of the oversea network on your mobile phone (see mobile phone user guide).

7. Will I be able to send and receive SMS while roaming?

Yes, as long as the overseas network you are connected to supports this function, you may send or receive text messages.

8. How do I retrieve my voicemail while roaming?

If you are accessing your voicemail via your mobile phone, please dial +65 9850 1303 or +65 6820 1303, followed by your mailbox password.

9. What are the roaming charges for receiving or making a call while overseas?

With StarHub's simplified flat roaming rate, you'll only need to pay a single roaming charge within the country regardless of the operator you're logged on to.

10. Whom do I call if I encounter problems while using the International Roaming Service?

If you are overseas, please call our Customer Care Consultants at +65 6820 1633.