Prepaid Validity Expiry

1.      What top-up denominations will extend the validity period of the prepaid SIM card?

All top-up denominations will extend the credit expiry between 15 days to 180 days from date of top-up.

2.      What is the validity period for StarHub Prepaid SIM cards?

All StarHub Prepaid SIM cards are valid for 90 to 180 days from the activation date. Customers will need to top up the SIM before the expiry date to extend the card validity period.

Otherwise, the SIM card and the remaining balances will be forfeited and no refund requests will be accepted under any circumstances.

Validity Extension Packs FAQ

1.      What is Validity Extension for Prepaid Main Wallet?

It is a service that allows you to extend your StarHub Prepaid Main Wallet validity for a fee. The expiry of all other balances will not be extended.

2.      What are the benefits of Validity Extension for Prepaid Main Wallet?

If you have unused credits in your main wallet and the validity date is expiring, you can simply extend the validity for a fee to continue using your Prepaid SIM.

3.      Is the Validity Extension for Prepaid Main Wallet open to all StarHub Prepaid SIM?

No. It is open to StarHub Prepaid Voice SIM only.

4.      How do I purchase the Validity Extension for Prepaid Main Wallet VAS?

Simply key in *123*200#, dial on your registered Prepaid mobile phone and select your preferred validity extension period.
Note: Purchase cannot be made on behalf of another StarHub Prepaid mobile.

5.      My Prepaid Main Wallet has expired. Can I still purchase the Validity Extension VAS?

No. Validity Extension VAS can only be purchased before your Main wallet expires.

6.      How do I know if my purchase for Validity Extension is successful?

You will receive an SMS message notifying you of the new main wallet balance and new expiry date.

7.      Is there a maximum period for validity extension of main wallet?

Yes. The maximum extension period is capped at 180 days from date of purchase.

8.      Will the deduction from my main wallet take place before my prepaid SIM card validity is extended?

Yes, the fee will be deducted first from your main wallet accordingly to the extension purchased. You need to have sufficient funds in your main wallet before you can do the purchase.

9.      Can StarHub do the refund after the Validity Extension VAS is purchased?

No. No refunds will be given for Validity Extension purchases.


  • Open to all StarHub Mobile Prepaid Active Voice SIM only. 
  • This Value Added Service must be purchased prior to main wallet expiry.
  • Main wallet must have sufficient credits for fee deduction to extend the Main wallet validity date.
  • Multiple packs can be purchased as long as your main wallet validity does not exceed the maximum period of 180 days.