IDD 018 – Smart Savings On Your Overseas Calls

Make your overseas calls with StarHub IDD 018. With All-Day Flat Rates and Per Second Billing, you can maximise your talktime and talk all you want.

How to call with IDD 018?
Dial 018 + Country Code + Area Code + Telephone Number

Enjoy these benefits when you make international calls via IDD 018 from your Happy Prepaid Card!

All Day Flat Rates
We keep it simple and clear with All-Day Flat Rates - which means no confusing rates for different times of the day.

FREE International Calls
No IDD charges when using IDD 018 to call 19 destinations with StarHub Prepaid Cards.

FREE 10 Minutes with IDD 018
Chat for 8 minutes and get the next 10 minutes FREE when you make an IDD 018 call to any of these countries!
• China
• Indonesia
• Malaysia
• Philippines
• Sri Lanka