Monthly Installment Plan FAQ


  1. What is this Monthly Equipment Installment payment all about?
    Monthly Equipment Installment is a payment plan which allows StarHub customers to spread the payments of the eligible devices over a period in equal installment amount charged to your monthly StarHub bill.

  2. Is monthly equipment installment plan available for the purchase of broadband router?
    Yes. Customer can purchase selected broadband router on monthly equipment installment plan during point of sign-up.

  3. Can I do a one-time payment for broadband router instead of taking up monthly equipment installment plan?
    Yes. Customer can choose to pay full price for the broadband router. Please indicate your preference to our sales personnel during the sign-up at shop or sales hotline, or select the preferred option from online store for customer self-service.

  4. I already have a monthly equipment installment on mobile phone purchased from StarHub, can I buy the broadband router on monthly equipment installment plan?
    Yes. It is subject to the eligibility check at point of sign up.

  5. How to be eligible for broadband router Monthly Equipment Installment payment?
    This plan is available to Standalone broadband services including StarHub Cable and Fibre Broadband services, Dual Broadband, HomeHub Cable and HomeHub Fibre Services. Customers will have to sign up a 24-month service contract. StarHub reserves the right to determine a customer’s eligibility to participate in the Monthly Equipment Installment payment at point of sign up.

  6. Is monthly equipment installment plan available for BRN customers?
    Monthly equipment installment plan for router is only available for residential broadband customers, it is not available for BRN customers, including BRN customers registered under residential addresses.

  7. How can I buy the broadband router using monthly equipment installment plan?
    Customer can buy the broadband router on installment plan during sign-up for broadband service at StarHub shop (exclude exclusive partners), online store and sales hotline at 1630. Click here for the list of StarHub shops.

  8. If I transfer the broadband service to another owner, what will happen to the installment?
    The remaining installment amount will be billed in full upon the transfer of the service. The new owner of the service is not allowed to take up installment plan under this service transferred under his name.

  9. If my service is suspended, what will happen to the installment?
    The installment will continue to be billed monthly. Customer will have to pay all outstanding installments that have been billed, and other outstanding charges, before the service can be restored.

  10. Can I enroll into the monthly equipment installment after the initial sign-up?
    No. The take-up of installment plan for broadband router can only be done upon signing up new or recontracting existing broadband service.

  11. How many installment I can take for a service under one NRIC?
    Maximum 2 installments for 2 different routers can be taken for a broadband service under one NRIC.

  12. Where can I find the T&C for installment?
    The T&C for broadband router installment can be found here.

  13. Can I use vouchers, discount, or trading in my existing router to offset the installment payment?