Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) FAQ


Q: Why is StarHub not rolling out HFC (Hybrid Fibre Coaxial) infrastructure to new buildings?

Today, Singapore has the world’s fastest fixed broadband speed on fibre connections, which is important in our country’s quest to be a Smart Nation. A significant number of our customers has already moved to fibre networks and we will continue to help the rest to get their homes and offices onto fibre, to embrace technologies and data for smarter living and working. 


Q: How will this affect me?

Residents moving into new buildings that will be granted Temporary Occupation Permit after 30 April 2018 will only be able to subscribe to fibre services. To subscribe to StarHub’s fibre services, please call our hotline at 1630 or visit StarHub Online Store.

Residents in buildings currently served by the HFC network can continue enjoying our cable services.


Q: How do I receive Broadband/Pay TV/Digital Voice/Mediacorp TV channels if the HFC infrastructure will not be rolled out at my new address?

There is a variety of choices available for our customers:

  • Broadband: You may take up StarHub’s Fibre Broadband services.
  • Pay TV: You may subscribe to StarHub Fibre TV services or access our content via Over-the-top (OTT) services, such as StarHub Go, Fox+ and HBO Go.
  • Digital Voice: You may sign up to Digital Voice (Fibre).
  • Mediacorp TV channels: By subscribing to StarHub TV on Fibre service, you can also access Mediacorp TV channels through the StarHub set-top box. You can also receive the Mediacorp TV channels over-the-air, via Mediacorp’s DVB-T2 signals.


Q: Can I migrate my Broadband/Pay TV/Digital Voice from cable to fibre if the HFC network will not be rolled out at my new address?

Yes, you can. StarHub services delivered over the HFC network are also available over the Nationwide Broadband Network (“NBN”). Please call our hotline at 1630 for assistance or visit StarHub Online Store


Q: Can StarHub deliver services to every room within my home at new address?

Yes, IMDA requires all new residential homes regardless of dwelling type (built after 2013) to have Ethernet wiring installed, to allow the delivery of fibre services to the living room and bedrooms. 


Q: Does my new home have HFC connection?

To check if the HFC infrastructure is available at your address, please go to: http://www.starhub.com/personal/support/tv/getting-started/cable-ready-status.html.


Q: I am moving to a new address soon. How do you ensure there will be seamless transition from cable to fibre services for me? 

We aim to make the transition for our customers as smooth and seamless as possible. Please contact us in advance of your move, so that we can coordinate with the NBN builder NLT for the timely delivery of services at your new address.


Q: Will StarHub continue to maintain the HFC infrastructure in existing buildings and for how long more?

StarHub will continue to offer Pay TV, Broadband and Digital Voice services over the HFC infrastructure in existing buildings. We are reviewing the options for the existing HFC infrastructure and to help our customers to plan, we will keep our customers informed of this in due course.