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Share your mobile plan with your loved ones.

Show how much your loved ones mean to you by adding up to two SharePlus lines for your family and sharing your talktime and data with them from your current mobile plan.

Sign up now to get FREE 1GB data upsize and 40% off your subscription fee at just $9.63/month.

Enjoy unlimited weekend data

Both main and supplementary lines enjoy FREE data every Saturday and Sunday.

Share your bundled data

Share bundled data with your family.

Share talktime with main line

Give more to your family by sharing talktime with them!

Your Own Mobile Number

Each SharePlus line comes with its own number, so you don’t have to
worry about sharing numbers with your family members.

Sign up now and enjoy:

  • ^SIM waiver of $37.45 for new sign-ups of SharePlus.
  • FREE 6-month JuniorProtect Basic - A service that lets your kid explore the Internet safely across devices, blocking out harmful websites and content on both your mobile and PC.
  • *FREE 1GB data upsize & 40% off your monthly subscription @ $9.63/month.

How much is it?

Monthly Cost



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  • *Free 1GB data upsize & 40% discount off SharePlus Promotion: Promotion is valid till further notice and only applicable for existing customers, new sign up or re-contract on Lite, XS/S/M/L/XL mobile plans. The discounted price of $9.63/month is valid for 24 months and $16.05/month is applicable thereafter. Free 1GB data upsize is valid for 24 months and $8.56/month is applicable thereafter. Free 1GB data upsize is mutually exclusive with Youth Perks.
  • ^Applicable with new sign-up only.
  • Maximum one (1) 1GB data upsize is allowed on each line and data bundled from 1GB data upsize is not shareable. Your data usage will be deducted from the allocated 1GB data upsize first. Excess data charges are billed to individual mobile line.
  • Unlimited Saturday and Sunday Local Data starts on Saturday 0000 to Sunday 2359. Unlimited Saturday and Sunday Local Data cannot be shared or allocated via the DataShare Value-Added Service. Fair usage policies apply for Unlimited Weekend Data. For details, please visit starhub.com/mobiletnc.