Travel made better with StarHub's data roam plans. You're connected to the strongest network automatically, at affordable data roam rates.

DataTravel Unlimited
Unlimited data at $30/day

• No changing of SIM card

• Automatically connects to the strongest network without any manual selection


No activation or sign-up required. Just turn on your data roaming under phone setting when overseas and start surfing


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Or choose from the full suite of roaming data plans to suit your travel needs.

Calls & SMS

Call Singapore [price_1] 
Per minute
Local Calls [price_2] 
Per minute
International Calls^ [price_3] 
Per minute
Incoming Calls [price_4] 
Per minute
Call Singapore Using GlobalRoam *108*
Per minute

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SMS [price_6] 


  • ^The international calls rates are not applicable to satellite, toll-free and premium rate services numbers. Rates for satellite, toll-free and premium rates services numbers can cost up to $40/min.
  • Call rates shown on this page are effective as of 1 April 2018.