• 													Get on Singapore’s first 1Gbps network.

  • Get on Singapore’s first 1Gbps network.

We're so much more than just providing
great 4G coverage and being fast.

There are more benefits of being on Singapore’s first 1Gbps network.

Data-freedom on your favourite apps.

 Stream videos on-the-go, share every moment on social media and chat non-stop with Unlimited Video, Social or Chat from $6/month.

Delivering a network you can always rely on.

Our 4G network covers more people than ever before, helping you share, stream and stay in touch.

Source: IMDA

Auto-connect to the strongest networks abroad.

No matter where you’re travelling to, you’ll always be connected to the strongest networks overseas with DataTravel.

We’re constantly improving our network to be ready for the future.

We’re the first to launch the 1Gbps network in Singapore, bringing you improvements in mobile service quality and faster speeds to more Singaporeans. You can now enjoy a speed boost of up to twice as fast as before, with lower latency on the latest 1Gbps-capable phones.

1Gbps Network FAQ