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HD (High Definition) Voice is the latest innovation by StarHub Mobile. HD Voice lets you hear your loved ones better by reducing background noise and enhancing your voice so you can enjoy conversations so clear, it sounds like you're in the same room as the person on the other end.

HD (High Definition) Voice reduces background noise and enhances your voice, making it sound like you are in the same room with the person on the other end and allowing you to enjoy your phone conversations even more.

It uses Wideband Speech technology and a broader sound spectrum to transmit voice data at a higher digital encoding rate to ensure clearer and fuller-sounding conversations. With HD Voice, you get crystal-clear quality voice calls across our 3G and 4G network. You can easily multi-task, chat with your loved ones while you surf or game, without any slowdown or interruptions.


HD Voice

Monthly Subscription FREE
Voice Usage As per your mobile plan bundle
Data Usage Does not incur charges


  • HD Voice is complimentary with the respective mobile plans and only work on HD Voice enabled handsets.

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