samsung galaxy s23 cover

With so many different features and models vying for our attention nowadays, even something as mundane as picking out a smartphone can be challenging, if not downright tedious. There’s so much information for the modern user to pore over, and that’s before factoring in budgets too.

Still, even if you had all of that information on hand from the start, sometimes we can’t make heads of tails of it and how it affects the bigger picture – that is, finding the right smartphone. With pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series having kicked off earlier this week, we thought we’d nip this issue in the bud by detailing the best parts of these new smartphones.

singapore skyline at night

1. It’s solid for night photography


Much like a certain bat-themed vigilante, the Galaxy S23 Series does its best work when the sun goes down. And by that, we mean it’s absolutely amazing for night or low-light photography.

Specifically, all three variants of the smartphone – the Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra come equipped with features to help users nail that perfect shot at any hour of the day. Primarily, its photographic arsenal includes a highly intelligent Nightography A.I. that can easily adapt to varying light situations, ensuring that pictures are bright and sharp even in darker environments.

Next, backing the A.I. up is a tidy 50-megapixel Wide-angle camera for crystal-clear shots, and it’s worth noting the Galaxy S23 Ultra takes this one step further with its whopping 200-megapixel camera. To round out the photography package, the smartphones also have in-built Detail Enhancer technology to improve depth and definition, ensuring that those beautiful night-time cityscapes look just as magnificent in your gallery as they did when you saw them with your own two eyes.


2. It comes in “Small”, “Medium” and “Large”


Moving on, size definitely matters when it comes to smartphones, and it’s no exaggeration to say our personal preferences are a major contributing factor. Some folks prefer the compactness offered by a smaller phone, while others simply enjoy the comforting bulk of a larger one.

In other words, feel free to pick the one that floats your boat, but regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, the Galaxy S23 Series can probably match your tastes.

As we’ve noted, the newest addition to the Galaxy family has three variants, and these actually come in different sizes. The first (and smallest) variant, which is the Galaxy S23, still sports a tidy 6.1” display, followed by 6.6” for the S23+ and 6.8” for the S23 Ultra. To provide a frame of reference, the largest variant of Apple’s iPhone 14 caps out at a 6.7” display, so if you’re a fan of larger phones, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is probably one of the top dogs on the market right now.

a woman holding a phone at night

3. It’s really easy on the eyes


Yes, we do mean that literally.

Apart from its sleek form factor, one of the other standouts for the Galaxy S23 Series is their nifty Eye Comfort Shield, which reduces the optical strain on users’ eyes even when used in the dark. Given how much we rely on digital devices nowadays, many of us tend to pay a lot less attention to our optical health than we should, making such features extremely welcome to have.

Speaking of welcome features, if you’re interested in pre-ordering the Galaxy S23 Ultra, you might be happy to know that one of the most beloved features of the preceding Note line – the S-Pen is back and better than ever. Not only has the phone been constructed in a way that flawlessly houses the stylus, but the S-Pen itself has been enhanced with the latest technologies at Samsung’s disposal, promising a highly fluid and intuitive experience.


4. It can go the distance (and back again)


Twenty years ago, a phone battery was merely that – a battery. You charged it, it went flat, and then you charged it again.

But today, even something as simple as our phone batteries have been engineered to conserve energy on their own. Frankly, it’s actually quite amazing if you think about it, but most of us are much too busy playing games or enjoying our favourite media.

Regardless, battery life certainly won’t be a concern with the Galaxy S23 Series. Equipped with high-capacity batteries of up to 5,000mAh on the S23 Ultra, you’ll have no issues enjoying your favourite games and content for hours on end. Plus, when paired with the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy, your Galaxy S23 device becomes an absolute powerhouse that can deliver silky-smooth gaming experiences, all without wasting any unnecessary charge. 

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5. It’s designed with recycled materials


Environmental sustainability is one of the biggest buzz words of our time, and many countries and companies have already committed to doing their part for our little blue-green ball in space.

Zooming in on the latter, one of the more common solutions is for recycled materials to be incorporated into new products, including the Galaxy S23 Series. Case in point, Samsung has made use of recycled and eco-friendly materials to construct these next-gen smartphones. The Galaxy S23 and S23+ have had their metal frames furnished with natural dyes and colours, while the Galaxy S23 Ultra has been partially constructed from eco-friendly materials.

Naturally (no pun intended), the materials will have no impact on the phone’s performance, but for what it’s worth, you can take some comfort in knowing that you’re doing your part for the planet.

For more information on the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S23 Series smartphones, feel free to check out the StarHub Online Store page.