Does this happen to you: Your internet get disconnected every now and then. The connection will come back after a moment, or you have to walk to your modem/router and restart the devices?

Don't worry, we are here to help. Firstly, connect your computer to your modem or router using LAN cable and monitor if the issue still persists. If it works, rejoice and work on the wireless settings, we will cover the wireless troubleshooting later. If you still get disconnected after connecting to the modem/router using LAN cable, you can try to remove the splitter (if you are using one) [For cable broadband]. 

For those who keep encountering disconnection while on wireless connection, you can try out the following:

1) Weak wireless signal

One of the common reason for wireless connection is poor signal. Wireless network do have a limited range, so if you are too far from the router or there are simply too many physical obstructions like walls or other objects like furnitures or other electrical devices, the signal can weaken.

For such a situation, you can try relocating the router to a more centralised position, or place it at a higher spot.

2) Unreliable wireless hardware or drivers

Some wireless hardwares can be a little unreliable. Every now and then, some of them can run into minor problems and may drop the connection. If the disconnection gets too frequent, you can consider getting new devices or replace the wireless adaptor.

3) Congested wireless networks

When there are many devices trying to connect to the same router at the same time, the network will get too busy or congested and thus some of them might get disconnected as the router is unable to handle all of them at the same time.

You can log in to your router admin page to see how many devices are connected to your wireless network and switch off those that you are not using at the moment. Remember to secure your wireless connection to ensure that unauthorised devices cannot connect to your network.

4) Congested wireless channel

If there are too many wireless network or SSIDs running on the same wireless channels, you might encounter disconnection too. You can use software like inSSIDer to check on the number of wireless network that are running on the same wireless channel as you and try to change your wireless channel. The recommended channel are 6 or 11.

5) Faulty router

If your router is faulty, it might get disconnected on it own or even keep rebooting.

Have a go at these workarounds the next time you encounter any connection issues, and if you still require any futher assistance, feel free to contact us on the following support channels: 

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