Nowadays, everyone wants to be connected online. We share Facebook posts and videos, tweet our frustrations away, post our best moments on Instagram. We’re also in a time where almost every job is dependent on email, every road trip calls for Spotify or your free time to watch something on Netflix, no matter where or when. It’s like a world without internet or mobile data is unbearable. But what’s more unbearable is when you don’t have the mobile data to always stay connected online. 

That said, we could all use a little help in the data management, can’t we? So, we break down these tips to help you manage your data subscription.

Watch your data consumption vigilantly

The easiest way to avoid exceeding your monthly data usage is to keep track of your consumption regularly. 

If you’re on a postpaid plan, find out how much allocated data you have each month and ensure to stay within your limit. To do so, you may download the My StarHub App to track your mobile usage and activate the data usage alert. If you’re a prepaid user, make sure that you monitor how much data remains in your subscription through StarHub Prepaid App

Switch to WiFi connection whenever possible

The general rule to save mobile data is to use WiFi. It is more than likely that you have WiFi access at home or work. Moreover, there’s WiFi available in many public places such as Wireless@SGX. That’s why when the opportunity presents itself, skip the mobile data and connect to WiFi instead.

Save streaming for WiFi

It’s easier said than done, but try not to stream music, videos, and podcasts when you’re on the go. If you can’t sit through long commutes without any entertainment, then consider downloading episodes via your home WiFi connection before heading out. The same applies to music streaming apps like Spotify: if you have a premium subscription, you can download albums and tracks to your phone for offline enjoyment.

Look out for apps that use location data

Have you noticed whenever you open a newly downloaded app for the first time it will request you to access your location? This is another reason for data consumption. So, now revisit those apps in your phone’s settings to switch location access off or allow them to use your location only while the apps are open. 

Turn off cellular data whenever possible

Lastly, switch off your data when not in use. Break the habit of leaving it on. Yeah, you might miss a Facetime call, an email, or even the notifications on your social media accounts, but this habit will heavily consume your data and battery. So, it’s better to switch off your data to keep apps from discreetly connecting to the network without your knowledge. ​

It’s a known fact that data charges can get costly when left unmanaged. So, make sure to keep these tips in mind the next time you turn on your data to save yourself from the headache of excess charges, or worse, losing connection when you need it most!

Just in case you want more data, if you’re a StarHub postpaid customer you may get add-ons for all your data needs on My StarHub App. If you’re a StarHub prepaid customer, looking for more data plan options, check out our WOW Prepaid Data Plans