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First of all, we know it is weird (though amusingly so) for us to be discussing self-care on this platform. But considering that “good health” is arguably the most universal topic out there, coupled with how fast-paced our world whizzes by these days, it’s probably more crucial than ever.

Now, it goes without saying that taking care of ourselves is not a one-and-done deal. It’s a lifetime commitment - in every sense of the word, no less, and it will do you no good just flailing about without a plan. As with a lot of other things, the word of the day is “habit”, and there’s lots of tech out there that can help you get into the groove. So why not make use of them?


Embrace a healthy lifestyle


At a basic level, self-care means allocating time to your various needs, and starting on the outside is as good a place as any.

Now, you’ve certainly heard the textbook spiel about healthy living – eating more greens, sleeping (and rising) early, and exercising regularly. Those are great practices to adhere to, but what’s also key is keeping track of your overall health and habits, and that certainly isn’t difficult these days.

Case in point, on top of various apps that can help you log your health status, the Internet is full of helpful resources for healthy or calorie-cutting recipes.

In addition, many of today’s alarm apps even come with “white noise” features to lull you to sleep, allowing your hardworking body to get the rest it needs. To cut a long story short, once you ensure that the outside is chugging along at 100%, that’s where you can start working on the inside too.

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Implement a daily self-care routine at home


Self-care involves much more than just physical health. You’ll also need to pay attention to your psychological and emotional needs, and in a world as fast and stressful as ours, calling it a tall order might be an understatement.

Even so, you can start small. From something as simple as “gifting” yourself a word of encouragement every morning or dedicating a half-hour daily to your favourite music, let’s just say that the small things really do add up.

In other words, the end goal here is to wake up each morning refreshed and ready to take on the world, and you shouldn’t be afraid to make use of digital means to accomplish that.

Applications like Spotify and Apple Music can (and do) offer customised playlists based on your preferences, and that’s just for music. If you’re not keen on tunes, or just need that little motivational push each morning, using programs like Sticky Notes to leave simple, encouraging messages for yourself on your computer works great too.

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Two’s company, three’s a crowd


So, now that you know about the what, let’s talk about the who. Having like-minded peers by your side will certainly help you stick to your planned-out routines, and this applies especially if said routine involves exercise.

After all, we know how painful it can be dragging yourself out in the mornings (or evenings) to break a sweat, but it’ll certainly be easier if someone’s doing it with you.

Not only will this offer opportunities for bonding (if you’re doing it with a family member), but you’ll both be happier and healthier for it. Plus, it’ll get easier as time goes by, since your body will naturally pick up the habit.

Additionally, if you need a hand with workouts, you don’t necessarily have to bring in a personal trainer. There are countless smartphone apps on the market that offer comprehensive, personalised regimes tailored to your specific body types and other preferences, so whether you’re aiming to get ripped or just looking to stay active, let’s just say that two is usually better than one!

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Don’t be afraid to reach out for help


Building on the above section, it’s also worth noting that self-care isn’t a path anyone has to walk alone.

From our family members to our friends and even our pets, we cannot understate the importance of having a good support system in place, and no, it’s not just for the purpose of keeping you on your routines.

As cheesy as it might sound, there will definitely be times when we simply can’t handle life’s challenges flying solo. Knowing how to manage stress is one of the trickier parts of self-care, and sometimes, giving yourself a little pick-me-up just won’t cut it. So, if you feel like you need a break, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Just like with the above fields, there are loads of online resources and applications that can help you out in this regard. For example, LifeHub+ can assist you in roping in the relevant clinical professionals should you require medical assistance. From doctors to therapists, there’s some comfort to be had knowing that help is but a button-press away.


Knowing how to stay healthy is only half the battle


While it is regrettable that society tends to view technology as the root of many evils, like cybercrime or gaming addictions, there’s no denying that it can also do a lot of good.

In our fast-paced world, many of us simply don’t give ourselves the time, space and care that we each deserve, so if a smartphone app or a piece of technology can make this journey easier, why not utilise it?