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Twenty years ago, a decent phone was something that could call home, send text messages, and run the occasional game without exploding.

Now, a phone isn’t good enough if it can’t do all of those without also taking a selfie, ordering your dinner, and updating your bank statement.

Today’s consumers expect a lot more from their phones, and the bar will only get higher as innovation toddles along. Phone manufacturers like Samsung often roll out updated models annually to keep the tempo going strong, but with release schedules placed relatively close to one another, it’s no surprise that people end up nit-picking whether it’s actually worth purchasing these newer phones.

With that in mind, perhaps some assistance would be welcome, especially if you’re eyeing the new Samsung Galaxy S23. Using the preceding Samsung Galaxy S22 as a canvas, let’s see how the former compares to it in general.


Galaxy S23 vs. Galaxy S22 – ready, fight!


Putting the Galaxy S23 and S22 side by side, the former might not be significantly larger than the latter, but it certainly takes the cake for battery life and processing speed.

Not only do all S23 variants ship with a Qualcomm SM8550 Octa-core processor, which is more capable than the S22’s SM845 processor, but both the vanilla Galaxy S23 and S23+ offer a tidy 200mAh increase from their respective S22 counterparts. This means you’ll have to worry less about running out of juice on the go, and greater longevity is always nice to have.  

Returning to the size consideration, the key takeaway (given their similar size) is that those who are used to the S22 shouldn’t have any trouble adjusting to the S23.

The latter’s display is but mere millimetres larger than the former’s, meaning you probably won’t feel the physical difference. At the very least, you’ll have a little more screen real estate to watch your favourite content, and there’s lots to choose from with StarHub’s TV+ mobile app and bundles.

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Camera Considerations


Delving deeper into the Galaxy S23, you’ll find that it generally beats the S22 in terms of its camera, and the reason why we say “generally” is because it (supposedly) loses out to its predecessor in one tiny area.

Specifically, we’re referring to the front camera. The Galaxy S23 comes with a single 10MP front camera, whereas the Galaxy S22 comes with a slightly more superior 12MP option. This means it technically outshines the S23 if you’re fond of taking selfies, but that’s only if you’re a real stickler for them.

More often than not, you’ll find that the S23’s camera offers similar returns to its predecessor, and we haven’t even started on the back cameras yet.

In the S23’s case, the largest and most obvious difference is between the S23 Ultra 5G and the S22 Ultra 5G. The latter’s back camera is already no slouch, offering a four-lens setup that caps off at an impressive 108MP. However, that pales greatly in comparison to the S23’s kit, which offers a similar number of lenses, but maxes out at nearly twice that - a whopping 200MP!


Let’s talk pricing


Over in the value department, it’s worth reiterating that you’ll enjoy the best returns picking up the Galaxy S23 5G or the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G versus their S22 counterparts.

Case in point, the former starts off at just $659 with a 4G $45 2-year plan, which is already cheaper than the corresponding Galaxy S22 5G’s $679 price tag. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G, which starts at $1,259 might be slightly pricier than the S22 Ultra 5G at $1,149 but do keep in mind you’ll essentially be paying just $100 extra for that amazing 100MP jump in your back camera. 

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So, is the Galaxy S23 worth it?


And there it is – the elephant in the room.

No matter how you compare the Galaxy S23 against its predecessor, the million-dollar question at the end remains the same – should you make the leap to the newer model?

Based on what’s been discussed so far, we’re inclined to say that the Samsung Galaxy S23 is worth the investment because it outperforms its predecessor in numerous aspects, if not all of them. In fact, even in the one area where the S22 supposedly comes out on top – that is, its front camera, the difference isn’t nearly significant enough to propel it to victory.

Amusingly, since we’re on the topic, we’d also like to add that the Galaxy S22 wins in the “colour” category, since it offers a selection of five different colours against the S23’s four. Not that it’ll impact the functionality of the device in any way, but well, the more you know, right?

Otherwise, it should be relatively clear that the S23 absolutely dwarfs the S22 in the categories that matter. In exchange for a tiny trade-off in the front camera, you’ll get superior processing speed, battery life and in the case of the S23 Ultra, a monstrous improvement in back camera capabilities too.

Even the pricing doesn’t present any cause for concern, seeing as you can snag the new phones for great prices when you Buy Now Pay Later with Star Plan. Of course, we still recommend checking out StarHub's online store page for more information on the new Samsung Galaxy S23 models and to make your own comparisons. Happy hunting!


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