Have you fulfilled your mobile contract? Fancy a new mobile phone? Want to change your current mobile plan? If the answer to those questions is a “YES,” take note of the following information before you recontract your mobile plan.

  • All outstanding balance under your name / document ID needs to be cleared prior to recontract. 
  • If eligible you may use a recontract voucher, which will be given to you via SMS, email, or direct mailer to the mailing address. 
  • You are ineligible for recontract if you are under Employee Plan, SharePlus dependent lines and Free MaxMobile plans.

Mobile Plan

When can you recontract?

Will you change/downgrade?

2-Year Mobile Plan

Number of Months Fulfilled on Contract

  • 12th month or less – Ineligible for recontract
  • 13 month to 20th month – An Early Recontract Fee of $350 applies
  • 21st month  to 24th month – Eligible for recontract 
  • If you're on a 2-year contract, you can only recontract and convert to SIM Only plan after completing your contract commitment.
  • If you will change your plan to a lower-tier plan within your commitment period a downgrade fee will apply. 

SIM Only Plan

  • SIM Only plans can recontract to SIM Only 1-Year plans or any 2-year plans any time.
  • SIM Only 1-Year plans can recontract to any SIM Only 1-year plans or any 2-year plans anytime within 1 year.

You may check your recontract eligibility on My StarHub App. 

For your plan options, you can choose between our Mobile+ Plans, which comes with a 24-month contract and your choice of mobile device, or SIM-Only Plans which is a line-only plan.

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