With the Call Divert and Barring functions, you no longer have to miss a call plus have the option to stop receiving any calls. If you're too busy to answer a call, or when your mobile phone is switched off, callers will be directed to an alternative number. Moreover, you may also activate this function if you want to avoid accidentally calling someone.​

Call Divert enables you to forward or redirect incoming calls to an alternative number.​

Call Divert Codes

All Calls




No Reply




To Activate: Press ** Call Divert Code * Transferred no. # SEND

To Deactivate: Press ## Call Divert Code # SEND


Call Barring allows you to stop receiving incoming calls from a particular number or all incoming calls. It also allows you to prevent all outgoing calls.​

Call Barring Codes

All Outgoing Calls


All Incoming Calls


All Outgoing IDD Calls


All Outgoing IDD Calls except Singapore when roaming


All Incoming calls when roaming


To Activate: Press * Call Barring Code * Password # SEND

To Deactivate:

                Deactivate One Call Barring Feature – Press # Call Barring Code * Password # SEND

                Deactivate All Call Barring Feature – Press  # 330 * Password # SEND


The SMS Barring function will prevent numbers from sending you an SMS if you do not want to receive messages. This can also be used to stop sending texts from your phone number to other recipients.​


Barring of incoming SMS allows you to stop receiving any incoming text messages from any number.

To Activate: Press *35*Password*16#SEND

To Deactivate: Press #35*Password*16#SEND


Barring of outgoing SMS allows you to prevent sending any outgoing messages to any mobile number.​

To Activate: Press *33*Password*16#SEND

To Deactivate: Press #33*Password*16#SEND



  • SEND refers to the dial button on the phone's keypad.
  • 1234 is the default password.

These shortcodes are convenient subscription options to these service features as you just have to key in these codes. Additionally, you no longer have to contact the StarHub hotline since it takes effect immediately once you activate and deactivate them.