Checking your mobile data usage should be easy. Especially if you want to avoid bursting your data limit. If you’ve already purchased our Unlimited Weekend data add-on, good on you! But it’s always reassuring to able to track your data use anytime, anywhere. And with My StarHub app, it’s a breeze. In a few simple taps, you can track your data use for each mobile line, get detailed usage breakdowns and even set data alerts to stay miles away from any bill shocks.

1. Open My StarHub app

To check mobile data usage, first tap on My StarHub app on your phone and log in with your Hub iD. That’s your personal key to access all things StarHub anytime, anywhere. From managing your account and bills to enjoying Rewards and shopping online, Hub iD is all you need. Easily sign up via the app if you don’t have one yet.

Forgot your username (Hub iD) and/or password? Relax, it happens to the best of us. Simply tap “Forgot this?” and we’ll rush our green elves to speedily deliver you a recovery email.

Don’t have our app? (We hear our developer crying in the background.) No matter, download it now on App Store or Google Play to put a smile back on his face!

2. Check Mobile Data Usage

Once you log in, you’ll jump to the homepage which shows your Current Bill(s) first. Scroll down to Usage. Here, you’ll see how much data you have left out of your mobile plan’s monthly data bundle. It’ll also show how much talktime and SMS/MMS you’ve used up during that billing period. Are you one of those lucky ones already on an Unlimited Weekend Plan? Well, any data you use on weekends won’t be reflected on this page as they’re free for you!

If you have multiple mobile lines, just swipe left on the Usage card to see the rest.

3. See Your Data Use in Detail

Feeling a little data-nervous after crazily bingeing shows on the go? You can check your mobile data usage in more detail! Find out how much data you’ve used on a given day. Tap anywhere on the Usage card and it’ll bring you to the Mobile Usage page. Under the Data card, you’ll see “Local” and “Roaming” options (here, you can check roaming data use on your holidays too). There’s even a graph to help you immediately spot any sudden jumps in your data consumption.

Now tap on “Own usage” to reveal how much data you’ve consumed for each day. This page will give you all the info you need on your daily data habits.

This detailed breakdown also applies to talktime and SMS/MMS. The number of days you can see will be based on your billing period.

4. Set Data Alerts

Want even more control? Say hello to the extremely useful feature that is data alerts. You’ll get an SMS:

  • if you have 200MB left in your data bundle
  • if you’ve used up all your data
  • every time you incur a $20 excess data charge, up till your plan’s data cap

To do so, head back to the Mobile Usage page. Scroll down to the Usage Alerts card. Tap the “Yes” circle to enable data alerts for your mobile line, and click “Save”. Then all that’s left is the ghost of bill shock past. You can even have those alerts sent to your other mobile line, if you have one. (2 mobile lines? You important person, you!)

But do note that if you wish to get roaming data alerts on your holidays, you’ll have to go to Mobile usage page > Data card > Roaming tab > “Manage roaming data alerts”.

So that’s it. Quick steps to help you stay in full data control. To easily check mobile data usage and more, download My StarHub app here now. It’s the easiest and fastest way to help you meet your everyday StarHub needs.

Not convinced that it's that easy?  Let us show you how fuss-free, head on over to our Instagram @starhub_checkdata and play our mini-game! It's that easy.

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