Running out of mobile data isn’t exactly the kind of situation you want to get caught in. It’s even frustrating when you incur extra charges after you exceed your data cap. That’s why knowing how much data you’re consuming can help you avoid running out of data and incurring accidental data charges. So, how much mobile data do you need? Take a look below to get an idea of how many megabytes or gigabytes of data you need when you use your favourite mobile apps. 

Streaming Apps

Streaming will use a considerable amount of mobile data. This is because you need to access large media files to be played over the internet without having to save them on your device. So, how much data do you need for streaming apps?

Netflix. Just like with any other streaming service platform, Netflix charges your data based on the length of time spent watching and selected video quality.

  • 1-hour Standard definition content = 1GB  
  • 1-hour High-definition content = 3GB  
  • 1-hour Ultra-high definition (4K) content = 7GB

YouTube. In comparison with Netflix, YouTube consumes lesser mobile data across all video quality categories. What’s even better is that YouTube applies the reduced data usage settings in all video quality categories.

  • 1-hour at 480p video = 264MB 
  • 1-hour at 720p video = 870MB 
  • 1-hour at 1080p video = 1.65GB

Disney+. Unlike other streaming platforms, Disney+ automatically detects your Internet connection speed and will attempt to deliver the highest video quality that’s possible for you.

  • 1-hour at 1080 HD = 2.5GB 
  • 1-hour at HD quality = 2GB 

Social Media Apps

There is no doubt that social media apps are today’s most-used technology. However, are you aware how it can cut back on your data?​

Facebook. In case you don’t know, using Facebook to stay connected with your family and friends or enjoying the platform’s features and capabilities will consume most of your data allowance. ​

  • 30-minute browsing = 55MB ​
  • 1-hour video viewing = 160MB​

Twitter. As one of the most downloaded and popular apps to emerge in the past decade, its users are always updated on the latest trends, news and events from tweets that include images, text or video which can bring up your data usage.

  • 1-hour browsing = 360MB

Instagram. Aside from photos and videos, you can also browse Stories on Instagram which can definitely make your mobile data consumption higher.

  • 30-minute browsing = 300MB to 450MB 
  • One IG photo or video = 0.5MB 
  • One IG Story = 0.4MB

There you go! Managing your mobile data usage will depend on which app you’re on so you don’t exceed your data limit. However, you need to be mindful and control your data consumption to continue using your favourite apps. 

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