Some smartphones require lengthy explanations on how their different features work.

Fortunately, this is not one of them.

Along with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, the all-new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is the latest addition to the foldable family tree. But you probably already knew that – you’re just not sure whether it’s the right fit for you.

So, let’s work that out. Here are the three types of people we think would probably fall (or in this case, flip!) head over heels for this diminutive yet powerful smartphone. Are you one of them?

1. The Trendsetters

Turn heads and look absolutely fabulous doing it.

If you’re the kind of person who lives, breathes, and dresses on the cutting-edge, then the Galaxy Z Flip5 might be just what you need to complete your OOTD.

There’s no denying that night-time cityscapes make for great backgrounds, and with the Flip5’s enhanced suite of Nightography features (which include 4K video recording at 60fps), you’ll definitely be able to capture something nice for the “gram”.

In addition, the ultra-versatile FlexCam opens up a whole new world of possibilities for selfies – perfect for showing off your newest outfits, no? On top of letting you take them at virtually any angle (with some help from the nifty Flex Hinge!), you can also snap away without unlocking the phone using the Camera Controller on your Galaxy Watch6 or Galaxy Watch6 Classic.

Speaking of outfits, you won’t have to think twice about this smartphone sticking awkwardly out of your pockets like many conventional phones do – just fold it up. This makes it easy to pair with various types of bottoms, from comfy shorts and jeans to long, flowy skirts.

2. The Creatives

Be free to express yourself with endless yet intuitive customisations.

With so much versatility, it goes without saying that the Galaxy Z Flip5 would also be a great fit for artists and creatives. These folks embody self-expression, and they just might get even more use out of the smartphone’s amazing camera features than our Trendsetter friends!

However, the camera isn’t the only thing it has going for it.

Arguably the Galaxy Z Flip5’s biggest claim to fame is the all-new 3.4" Flex Window. Not only is this the biggest improvement from the preceding Galaxy Z Flip4, but it is immensely customisable, and there’s just so much of your personality you can imbue to make it uniquely “yours”.

From playing (and controlling) your favourite music tracks, to tacking on widgets for easy access, and even responding to messages, it’s a truly impressive piece of tech. Plus, navigation is also made simple with the handy Multi-Widget View.

3. The Nomads

Wander the world and capture those gorgeous memories worry-free.

Wanderlust is a beautiful feeling, and many of us probably have a “round-the-world trip” somewhere on our bucket list.

Regardless, the last thing you’d want to be concerned with on such trips is a bulky, cumbersome smartphone that goes flat every two hours. After all, you’re there (wherever “there” is) to capture great memories, not worry about whether you brought a power bank along.

But you’ll be able to leave many such concerns behind with the Galaxy Z Flip5. Not only is the phone lighter than its predecessor, but its 3,700mAh battery provides up to 57 hours of audio playback on a single charge – more than enough for any holidaying you plan to do.

To top it all off, the Galaxy Z Flip5 even comes with an IPX8 water-resistance rating, because why should you let water (of all things) dampen your mood? Get out there and see the world!

Courtesy of StarHub: Food Shots

Interesting use cases for the smartphone, straight from the StarHub oven.

Now, let us talk about food.

We Singaporeans love chow time – that much is certain. But we love talking about food almost as much as eating it.

Needless to say, with social media so easily accessible, food shots are a great way to do so. After all, why talk about and describe that fabulous ban mian you had when you can show it to your friends too?

In comes the Flex Window once again. Being able to take better selfies is nice, but now, you can also explore angles for food shots that might have been awkward with a conventional smartphone. This might work better (at least, in theory) for plated dishes like steaks, since the Galaxy Z Flip5’s ability to take pictures at table-height is essentially unmatched.


Come join us on the Flip side!

So, feel free to get creative and rake in those “likes”, and now that you’ve got a better idea of what the Galaxy Z Flip5 can do, and more importantly, who it’s great for, perhaps you’d like to check it out in greater detail?

Plus, you might want to check out the other new Samsung devices too. From the Galaxy Tab S9 Series to the aforementioned Galaxy Watch6 Series and of course, the Galaxy Z Fold5, the Samsung device ecosystem is amazingly diverse, and StarHub’s got you covered on all sides.