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With the 2022 FIFA World Cup done and dusted (congratulations, Argentina!), it’s time for the English Premier League (EPL) to get back on the pitch. The latter took a mid-season break in lieu of the former back in November, and with twenty teams gunning for the gold this round, fans are in for a wild ride.

Yet, the Premier League is much more than just the sport and the players – it’s also about the community, and there are all sorts of different ways for fans to enjoy the experience. Some like reading into the strategic nitty-gritty, while others love trying out the pros’ moves on the pitch, so let’s find out which of the 4 main categories of Premier League fans you (and your buddies) fall into!

soccer game plan on blackboard

1. The Analyst


If you’re the kind who’s fascinated by the strategic aspects of the game and why the different club managers might have set up formations the way they did, or if you know someone who is, then step right on over to the Analysts’ corner.

As a general rule, people love talking about hobbies and ideas that they’re passionate about, and the crowd of football fans we call the Analysts are no exception to the rule. In fact, they probably deserve more credit than the community usually gives them for their immense store of football knowledge.

When they’re not weighing the pros and cons of a particular formation, or memorising individual match fixtures (which we can certainly help with), they’re probably chatting about any and all aspects of the game.

From positioning and strategy to roster changes and last-minute upsets, the Analysts are a talkative bunch who take great pride in knowing even the most obscure bits of trivia such as which club technically has the most fans, or how many fans from each side are allowed into Premier League games.

soccer player evading tackle

2. The Dedicated Football Player


As the dictionary definition of “football first, ask questions later”, the Dedicated Football Player is a fan who would rather skip the brainwork and take their passions for the Premier League onto the pitch itself.

Their preference for actual hands-on (or in this case, feet-on) practice means their skills on the pitch are nothing to be scoffed at, and many of them would probably spend every waking moment playing if they could.

If nothing else, it’s amazing to have one of these sorts in your group (assuming you’re not one yourself!). Among other reasons, they make for great teachers if you’re looking to brush up on your technical skills and footwork, seeing as they’ve spent immense (and often copious) amounts of time honing their own.

They’re also (arguably) the heathiest of the bunch – since football is an excellent form of exercise. Nevertheless, like our Analyst friends they deserve a big A for the effort they put into their passion – now, watch as they run rings around you with the ball.

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3. The Hermit


Arguably the outlier of the group (in a good way), the Hermit fan is that one chap who doesn’t seem outwardly passionate about football, but who secretly knows (and loves) his stuff.

They’re an odd mix of Analyst and Dedicated Player traits because they’re okay with talking about the Premier League or playing the occasional match, but you certainly won’t catch them cheering at the tops of their voices for their favourite teams.

In fact, since they usually keep their passion on the down-low, you’re more likely to find them spending time on sports simulators. AAA game franchises like FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer offer excellent experiences on a multitude of different platforms nowadays, so the next time you’re over at their place, don’t be surprised if your Hermit buddy actually has thousands of hours clocked on these titles.  

football fans celebrating premier league

4. The Football Fanboy (or girl)


Last but certainly not the least, we have the Football Fanboy demographic, who enjoys football simply because it’s football. There’s no judgment here, mind you – the energy of the game is, for lack of a better word, somewhat infectious, and it’s especially so when you’re watching live matches.

While this particular type of fan might not be the most knowledgeable or physically skilled on the pitch, they’re still super-dedicated to the sport, and you’re most likely to find them catching live telecasts of Premier League games from the comfort of their living rooms.

 Of course, this isn’t an exclusive luxury since a Premier+ signup would literally fill that gap and then some, but what’s really charming about it is the simplicity of their dedication. They enjoy football because the unpredictability and excitement of live matches delights them, and it certainly should.

After all, anyone that has watched one would probably tell you that the vibe is completely different from that of a delayed or repeat telecast because no one knows what’s going to happen.

football team standing

So, what Premier League games are on TV?


At the end of the day, does it really matter which category you fall into?

Absolutely not.

Frankly speaking, every Premier League fan out there is probably a unique mix of the four, and it doesn’t matter because the beauty of football lies in the eye of the beholder. For those who love the technical aspects, you do you, and for those who simply find the sport exciting and dynamic, that’s fair game as well.

Yet, the one thing all Premier League fans have in common is that they’ll want to watch the matches live, and here are the list of fixtures again if you need them. So, the next time you invite your buddies over to watch a game, why not humour yourself by looking out for these traits?

It’ll make things much more amusing for everyone, and if you need some help with the “prepwork” for a gathering, StarHub can get you hooked up, no problem!