How is Effective Price calculated?

The Effective Price gives you an indication on the average monthly price throughout a 24-month contract after free subscription is taken into consideration. The calculations for each plan are presented below.

For the actual monthly subscription, please refer to Monthly Subscription.




Monthly Subscription


Effective Price

(Monthly Subscription x Number of paying months in the contract/ Number of months in the contract)
1Gbps Fibre Broadband $0 for first 2 months, $39.90/month thereafter  $39.90 x 22 / 24 = $36.58/month
2Gbps Fibre Broadband $0 for first 3 months, $62.90/month thereafter $62.90 x 21 / 24 = $55.04/month
HomeHub Plus $0 for first 4 months, $68.80/month thereafter $68.80 x 20 / 24 = $57.33/month