Happy Roam

  1. What is Happy Roam?
    Happy Roam 
    is a data roaming service for customers to use StarHub Prepaid data in Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Phillipines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United States of America and United Kingdom at local Singapore rates. All existing data plans can be utilized for data usage in the above-mentioned countries.

  2. Who is eligible for this service?
    All StarHub Prepaid voice & Internet SIM users will be eligible for this service.

  3. Will I be charged roaming rates for making calls and sending SMS?
    Happy Roam currently only applies to data usage in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philipines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United States of America and United Kingdom . All calls and SMS (incoming and outgoing) will be subjected to charges at roaming rates.

    We suggest using social messaging apps like Whatsapp, WeChat, Viber etc to make calls or receive calls.

  4. Do I need to activate any Roaming services to use Happy Roam?
    Roaming Service is active by default for all new Prepaid SIM cards. However you may check roaming settings via Happy Prepaid App, please navigate to “Roaming” tab. Alternatively, you may dial *123*333# on your prepaid mobile phone. To avoid Pay-Per-Use data charges, please activate a data plan.

  5. Do I need to connect to any specific Network to use Happy Roam?
    Our prepaid customers can connect to our preferred roaming partners in the Happy Roam destinations, listed in point 15 below.

  6. Can I connect to other mobile networks that are not listed in the Happy Roam preferred network list or destinations?
    You will not be able to enjoy Happy Roam service if you are connected to a non preferred network or roaming in a non Happy Roam destination. If this happens, you may experience a sudden credit deduction in your prepaid wallet. This is due to roaming charges imposed by the respective network operator and your roaming service may be temporary suspended. If your credit balance falls below $3, please make a top-up and restart your phone for Happy Roam service to resume.

  7. Why am I still unable to surf Internet even though I am connected to the preferred network?
    Please ensure that you have enabled “Roaming” settings in your phone, and check that your phone Access Point Name (APN) is set correctly to SHPPD. Successful data connection while roaming is dependent on the coverage and traffic conditions of the foreign network. 

    If you are using other WiFi devices, please also ensure that roaming is enabled on the device settings.
  8. How do I set my Access Point Name (APN)?
    APN can be set using Happy Prepaid App: Open app > Roaming Tab > APN Settings. Alternatively, you may set it manually by following the below instructions.

    For iOS users:
    Check that you have the Carrier setting StarHub 27.2 or above.
    Go to Settings -> General -> About -> Carrier -> StarHub 27.2

    If yes: 
    Go to Settings -> Mobile Data Options -> Mobile Data Network -> Under Mobile Data, key in the following information
    APN: shppd

    If no: 
    Access http://bit.do/shapn from the browser in your device and select 'Install Profile'. Select 'Install' to install the APN Profile.

    For Android users:
    Go to Settings-> Mobile networks-> Access Point Names-> Key in the following information

    APN: shppd
    Username & Password: <blank>

  9. Why is there no network in certain parts of the Happy Roam destinations?
    Network coverage in Happy Roam destinations is dependent on the coverage of our preferred partners' network. Please refer to the coverage details set out by our preferred partner's network from their website.

  10. Would I be charged for excess data usage if my data plan expires or is used up?
    Yes, you will be charged at prevailing local (Singapore) data Pay-Per-Use rates.

  11. Which data plan can be used for Happy Roam?
    All Data Plans are applicable for Happy Roam, excluding free local data awarded with top-up and free local data that comes with SIM card activation.

  12. How do I check how much data I have utilised?
    You may check your data balance and manage your account with Happy Prepaid App (available on iOS and Android). You may also check your data utilisation through balance enquiry by dialing *123#.

  13. Will this service be available for Mobile Postpaid customers?
    This service is only available to Mobile Prepaid customers only. Mobile Postpaid customers may surf in multiple destinations across the strongest networks with DataTravel at $15 for 2GB or $20 for 3GB. 

  14. Can I access Happy Prepaid App and *123# self-help menu when roaming with Happy Roam?
    Yes, you may access Happy Prepaid App or *123# to manage your prepaid account on-the-go when you are roaming in Happy Roam destinations with preferred partner network.

  15. How do I ensure that I can roam successfully in Happy Roam destinations?
    You can follow the checklist below prior to leaving Singapore or download this Handy Guide for reference.
No. Steps Preferred set-up method Set up manually


Activate SIM

Send a SMS/ Make a call

Dial *142


Download Happy Prepaid App for roaming set up

Tip: Connect to wifi while setting up

Via App Store/ Google Play Store



Launch the Happy Prepaid App and go to 'Roaming' tab for step 3




Turn on Roaming Service

Roaming Service > Hit 'On' 

Dial *123*333#

Install/ Configure APN Settings

APN Settings > Hit 'Install' or 'Configure' button

For Android:

Ensure that the Access Point Name is set to shppd

  • APN: shppd
  • Username & Password: <blank>

For iOS:
Access http://bit.do/shapnselect Install Profile.

Please ensure you install the APN profile prior to reaching your destination country. Delete the profile when you return to Singapore. 

Activate a data plan 

DataPlan > Hit 'Get More' > Select desired data plan and hit 'Activate button'  

Dial *123*300# 


    Our Network Lock feature will connect you automatically to our preferred partners' roaming network upon arrival.

  • Australia – Telstra, Vodafone
  • Canada – Rogers Communications
  • China – China Mobile
  • Hong Kong – Three (3)
  • India – Bharti Airtel, IDEA, Vodafone
  • Indonesia – XL Axiata, Three (3), Indosat
  • Japan- NTT DoCoMo, KDDI
  • Macau - CTM Macau
  • Malaysia – Celcom, Digi Telecom, Maxis, U Mobile
  • Myanmar – MPT, Telenor
  • New Zealand- 2Degrees,TNZ
  • Phillipines- Smart
  • South Korea- SK Telecom, Olleh KT
  • Taiwan – Far EasTone, Chunghwa Telecom
  • Thailand – TrueMove, DTAC
  • United States of America - AT&T, T-Mobile
  • United Kingdom - Three (3)
  1. Is there a minimum balance required for roaming?
    A minimum main wallet balance of $3 is required in your Prepaid SIM for Prepaid Roaming Service

  2. Is mobile hotspot tethering supported in Happy Roam destinations?
    Yes, mobile hotspot tethering is supported. Please ensure that your mobile setting are enabled. iOS users must ensure that your phone supports version 11.0 and above.

    For Android users, you can turn on mobile hotspot straightaway.

    For iOS users, please follow the below steps to set up before trying to turn on mobile hotspot.
    Step 1: Make sure the iPhone is updated to iOS version 11.0 and above
    Step 2: Go to Settings> Mobile Data> Mobile Data Options > Mobile Data Network> Under Pesonal Hotspot, update APN to shppd 

  3. Why can't I surf on my phone after I returned home?
    If you are an iOS user, after you switch back to a non-StarHub Prepaid SIM, kindly delete the Profile “StarHub Prepaid APN” from phone Settings -> General -> Profiles to continue using your home SIM data.

    If you are an Android user, after you switch back to a non-StarHub Prepaid SIM, kindly set your APN back to your home APN settings.

  4. How do I restore back to my original carrier’s settings?
    You need to uninstall “StarHub Prepaid APN” profile from your phone. Once you have uninstalled the profile, your phone will automatically be restored back to the default carrier’s setting.

  5. If I am a returning Happy Roam user using an existing SIM card, what are the steps necessary to ensure that I can roam successfully again in Happy Roam destinations? 

To ensure successful roaming, please use the Happy Prepaid App to ensure that your roaming settings are set correctly. Go to the ‘Roaming’ tab:

a)      check that the Roaming Service is turned ON

b)      make sure that you have installed/configured the APN settings according to instructions. Tip: always install/configure prior to your trip again, even if you have done so, just to be sure.

c)       check that you have an active Data Plan that covers your trip duration. If not, activate a data plan prior to your upcoming trip. 

You may have gone through the set-up before, but it is best that you follow through the checklist on question 15 (from step 3 onwards) again.  You can may also download this Handy Guide onto your phone for future reference.