• 													Prepaid Internet SIM

    Surf with up to 2GB of local data daily.
  • Prepaid Internet SIM

    Surf with up to 2GB of local data daily.

Get no-frills data with our prepaid Internet SIM.

Want only data and nothing more? Then our prepaid Internet SIM is for you. Get 2GB data daily to surf on StarHub Mobile, Singapore's fastest unlimited network^. Or, bring your data overseas to any Happy Roam destinations. You can use the card on mobile phones, tablets, USB modems or WiFi hotspot devices.

Need more data after that? It’s easy. Simply buy any data plan.

Prepaid Internet SIM
$ 18
    • 2GB daily 4G Data
    • Valid for 5 days
$ 32
    • 2GB daily 4G Data
    • Valid for 15 days
Need more data?
Pick from our 4G data plans!
Validity Price Data Bundle
1 day $6 2GB / day*
3 days $16 2GB / day*
7 days $25 2GB / day*
30 days $28 Total of 2GB over 30 days
60 days $32 Total of 3.5GB over 60 days


  • All data plans are applicable for Happy Roam destinations.
  • Fair Policy usage policy of 2GB local data per day applies.
Decided on a data plan?

Simply top up your Prepaid Internet SIM via our Happy Prepaid App in either of the 2 ways below.
Then buy and activate your chosen data plan. And you’re good to go.

Pay online via credit card


  1. Download Happy Prepaid App from Google Play or App Store.

  2. Launch Happy Prepaid App and go to the 'Top up' tab.

  3. Select 'Visa/MasterCard/UnionPay/eNETS' methods and follow on-screen instructions to complete your top-up.

  4. Go to 'Buy Data' tab, select a desired data plan and hit 'Activate'.

Roam happy with your prepaid data plan.

Surf worry-free at popular holiday destinations, at Singapore data rates.

Visiting Singapore?

Get data once you touch down on our sunny island. It’s easy with our prepaid travel cards.


^Based on OpenSignal Awards - State of Mobile Networks: Singapore report May 2018, based on independent analysis of 185,297,150 on-device measurements recorded by 11,742 users during the period Feb. 1- May 1, 2018. © 2018 OpenSignal Inc.

Prepaid Internet SIM Card FAQ