• 													Surf overseas at 
    Singapore data rates.

    Only with Happy Roam on StarHub Mobile Prepaid.
  • Surf overseas at
    Singapore data rates.

    Only with Happy Roam on StarHub Mobile Prepaid.

One Prepaid SIM for all your travel data needs!

Now, you can forget all your data worries when you travel! With Happy Roam on StarHub Mobile Prepaid, you can surf overseas at Singapore data rates on your travels with just one SIM. There’s no more hassle. No painful pre-trip research on the best telco rates overseas, no long airport queues for a SIM. You simply get set before you fly, and start surfing once you land!

Happy Roam is the perfect travel buddy for all your data needs, and is available for everyone!

  • Data Roam at Singapore data rates in these popular destinations.
  • No need to switch SIMs on a multi-city trip.
  • Data plans from as low as $6 for 1GB!
  • Easily top up, check data usage and more with StarHub Prepaid App.
  • Enjoy your unused data back in Singapore.
  • Auto-connect to the strongest network when you land. No need to manually select preferred network in your phone settings.

Happy Prepaid Data Plans
Validity Price Data Bundle Supported Destinations
3-Day $2 30MB Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States of America
$6 1GB
7-Day $8 1GB
30-Day $11 1GB
$18 3GB
$25 5GB

How to enjoy Happy Roam
Step 1: Buy a $15, $50 Prepaid SIM or Internet only SIM

You can buy your Happy Prepaid SIM first!
Then pick it up at Changi Airport before you fly and roam happy once you land. 

Or buy it at any of these places.

Step 2 : Get set before you fly!

Download StarHub Prepaid App on your mobile phone. You can activate roaming and purchase data plans all in one App.

One app on your smartphone is all you need to manage your account.

  • Check prepaid credit and data balance
  • Top up your Prepaid SIM
  • Purchase and activate Data Plans and Value-Added Services
  • Set up your phone for roaming

NOTE: When you top up overseas using your credit card, you may receive your SMS OTP through the registered mobile number. You will need to ensure that the registered number is active during the top-up.

No data charges for Prepaid users when accessing the App.  

Download StarHub Prepaid App now:



Download Happy Roam guide here!

Why Happy Roam?

Happy Roam is ideal if you love to stay connected while you travel. Whether it's sharing on Facebook and Instagram, or finding a secret café via Google Maps, you’ll get to enjoy the best value on data! You can also make calls or send texts on data with apps like Whatsapp or Viber, so you’re fully covered! 

No Happy Roam at your destination?

Don't fret. See our prepaid roaming rates for everywhere else.

Already on our postpaid mobile?

Check out our postpaid roaming plans instead.

Happy Roam FAQ

Where to buy Prepaid Cards

StarHub prepaid cards are available wherever you are.

Prepaid Data Plans

Surf the internet or chat with your loved ones without worrying about data wastage.