• 4G Prepaid Data Plans

  • 4G Prepaid Data Plans

Enjoy better value with Unlimited Social Messaging on Happy Prepaid Data Plans.

Singapore's first prepaid card that lets you chat non-stop on your favourite apps even after your data runs out. Unlimited Social Messaging is now available with any of our Happy Prepaid Data Plan. Experience worry-free surfing, anytime, anywhere.

What’s more, from as low as $1 extend the expiry of your data plan's balance with every Data Plan purchased.

Short Term 4G Plans
Long Expiry 4G Plans
30-Day 1.2GB $10
3-Day 200MB $4 30-Day 2.4GB $15
3-Day 1GB $5 30-Day 3.6GB $20
7-Day 10MB $1      
7-Day 1GB $7      

Experience more with Unlimited Social Messaging

Continue chatting non-stop on Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat, LINE and other social chat apps, even when your data runs out on your Happy Prepaid Data Plan. You will start enjoying this free service as long as your data plan is within the valid period.

Here's an example: You have activated a 1GB 30-day Data Plan and on day 10 you have zero data balance. With Unlimited Social Messaging, you can continue to chat for free on social apps for the next 20 days.

Plus, you will be protected from accidental credit deduction. Simply activate Unlimited Social Messaging via Happy Prepaid App or dial *123*230#

Do more with Happy Prepaid Data Plans

No additional data roaming charges when you roam overseas with Happy Roam! With just 1 SIM, you can surf worry-free at Singapore data rates in Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, China and many more destinations.

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