couple playing games on valentines day

Chocolates, flowers, dinner for two and romantic walks along the seashore.

Admittedly, you can’t go wrong with this sort of meal-and-movie routine on Valentine’s Day, but there’s no incentive sticking to the classics when technology affords us so many more options.

With that in mind, it actually might do your relationship some good taking “bae” on a different sort of adventure this year, and a virtual one is just as good an option as any. Plus, you won’t even need a fancy, decked out gaming setup to start playing - cloud gaming services place hundreds of AAA titles right at our fingertips, and here are several co-op titles you can enjoy as a couple long after Valentine’s Day is over.


1. Moving Out


For what it’s worth, you’ll be doing so sooner or later with your significant other, so why not get some practice in?

Jokes aside, Moving Out is a simple yet endlessly fun co-op title that will soon have you and your Valentine in a frenzy of button-mashing madness. Faced with increasingly challenging timings and an insane variety of levels, among other factors, players will have to move all of the items in the house out onto the truck outside.

Be it as big as a refrigerator, or as small as a fishbowl, you’ll have to really think on your feet as a duo to clear the given objectives. Indeed, it definitely isn’t complex in any sense of the word, but when you’re fighting against the clock, let’s just say that even the most simple of tasks can feel downright intense.


2. It Takes Two


Make no mistake, folks – this heart-warming co-op action-adventure title is well worth its weight in gold, so much so that it bagged 2022’s Game of the Year at The Game Awards.

Developed by Hazelight Studios, the narrative centers on a family of three – Cory, May, and Rose. The former two – the parents – are on the verge of getting a divorce, and in a bid to keep her parents together, Rose begs the powers-that-be to help them rediscover their love for each other.

This solution comes in the form of a magic book called Dr. Hakim, who sends Cory and May on a fantastical adventure to find that lost “spark” in their relationship. Now, as cheesy as the plot might sound, we can guarantee that the gameplay is amazing, if not downright stellar, and that you’ll both be loathe to put this one down. 

couple using computer on floor

3. Worms Rumble


Ok, so maybe “bae” isn’t one for happily-ever-afters – that’s perfectly fine, because this next recommendation offers anything but. In fact, it’s video game anarchy at its finest.

Developed by Team17 Digital, Worms Rumble is the latest instalment of the popular baseball bat-wielding, moose-launching franchise that many gamers know and love. Equipped with all sorts of quirky armaments as well as local and online multiplayer, you’ll be able to play with or against your Valentine from the comfort of…pretty much any device on hand, really.

That’s just one of cloud gaming’s many benefits, and the unfiltered hilarity of Worms makes it a simple but extremely solid addition to the NVIDIA GeForce Now repertoire. Both you and your significant other will be able to come back to this anytime you want, and each subsequent visit will remain just as exciting as the first.


4. Darksiders Genesis


At this point, we’ve mostly been “playing it safe” with family-friendly titles, but if you and your Valentine are looking for something a little darker, perhaps you’ll want to give Darksiders Genesis a try.

Admittedly, this co-op action-adventure title is actually the fourth game in the Darksiders franchise, but the caveat is that you don’t need to have played the first three to enjoy it.

Here, you (and your partner) take control of two of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Strife and War, as they embark on a quest to take down the demon king Lucifer.

Needless to say, it won’t be a solo job. You’ll have to work together to solve various puzzles while slashing/shooting your way through angelic and demonic hordes alike. As simple as the gameplay formula seems, it’s a tried-and-tested one that can actually be surprisingly intense when you’re in the thick of the fight. In other words, you might enjoy this one a lot more than you think!


5. Don’t Starve Together


Building on our discussion of darker themes, we come to what is arguably one of the best co-op survival titles modern gaming can offer.

To provide some context for our non-gamer friends, the original Don’t Starve by Klei Entertainment was a widely-lauded masterpiece in the realm of survivalist games for its concept and near-endless replayability.

Building on that same formula, a multiplayer counterpart, the titular Don’t Starve Together was released in 2016 to widespread acclaim. Last we checked, it’s still being played by thousands of people around the world seven years on, so if you’re looking for a challenging title you can tackle as a duo time and time again, there’s probably no better candidate.

Sure, having to eke out a living in the middle of nowhere isn’t the most lovey-dovey environment available, but the innovative concepts and dynamic gameplay should more than make up for it. As long as you keep yourself well-stocked and healthy (in-game), you should have no problems making it through the night, though that’s much easier said than done with two people to worry about!  

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There are many more games where that came from


For what it’s worth, this is just a measly five titles out of a thousand (or so) games, and though we’d like to discuss all of our favourite titles in great detail, Valentine’s Day would be long over by the time we wrapped up. Plus, with Microsoft having inked a new agreement with NVIDIA recently, you'll be able to enjoy loads of top-shelf Xbox titles on the service as well. 

At the end of the day, what’s important is that both you and your significant other have a good time together, and with cloud gaming but a subscription away, having a fancy gaming setup will be the least of your concerns.

On that note, from all of us here at StarHub, we hope you have a fulfilling and blissful Valentine’s Day!