Can't live without your mobile phone? Extend the device protection of your existing mobile device with SmartSupport Lite. This is a mobile value-added service for customers on SIM Only Plan that will provide worry-free care for your existing mobile device.

This is not an insurance plan. Moreover, SmartSupport Lite allows you to swap and enjoy technical support for all your device even if your device is covered with its manufacturer’s warranty program.

So, what are the benefits and features of SmartSupport Lite?

Easy and fast device replacement

SmartSupport Lite allows you to swap your device up to two (2) times a year for any reason (e.g. fast-draining battery or malfunctioning screen). The swapped device will be delivered for free in as fast as four (4) hours island-wide, based on the request receive date. If you need to make a swap overseas? We can take care of that for you too!

Get help anytime you need it

Enjoy technical support for all your registered device and anything that is connected to them online or via the SmartSupport App. If you have any device-related and technology issue-related questions, get them answered by simply talking to our Tech Specialists, from 9am to 6pm daily. Moreover, you can also access tips and tricks from setup and real-time troubleshooting to discovering all your device’s amazing features. Our tech experts will help you unlock your device’s full potential, so you can be more productive and remain connected.

The best part, unlike the traditional support, you no longer need to call multiple numbers to get help on your connectivity to different manufacturer devices.

Avail of screen repair service

Get access to the Screen Repair service with no subscription required and no monthly subscription. With our Screen Repair service, your mobile phone screen will be repaired or replaced. You will also get a free door-to-door collection and delivery service! Plus, three months warranty for screens only.

Who is eligible for SmartSupport Lite?

What are you waiting for? Get SmartSupport Lite now for worry-free care for your existing mobile device!

Subscribe to SmartSupport Lite via My StarHub app now.