IT SHOW, one of Singapore’s largest consumer electronics exhibitions, is upon us again. 2018’s edition will take place from 15 – 18 March at Suntec City Convention Centre and you can expect fantastic deals on a mind-melting range of tech gadgets and products. From 360° cameras and digital door locks to Google Wifi, IT SHOW is a great time to grab fancy new tech you’ve always wanted to try. But with so much to comb through than is humanly possible, we’ve decided to give you some ideas on what to hunt for!

1. Mini / Portable Projectors

Who needs TV screens anymore? With a portable projector and a nice, flat surface, you can get a near-cinematic experience or host a movie screening anytime, anywhere! Consumer projectors have become increasingly powerful – able to work in tight spaces yet bright enough to give you more than decent image quality. Best of all, they’re compact enough to sit on your palm (and for some, in your pocket)!

As a general guide, a brightness rating of around 50 – 200 lumens plus a high contrast ratio should work well for palm-top projectors under dim lighting. To enjoy HD movies or games, go for a resolution of at least 1920 x 1080 pixels. Here are some projectors to check out if they’re available at the IT SHOW: UO Smart Beam Laser, Elephas 1200, Apeman, RIF6 CUBE Pico, ZTE SPro 2.

2. Wireless, Bluetooth & AirPlay Audio Speakers

Now, you need some aural gear to complete your home movie experience . Some of the better portable speakers can sonically deliver the full impact of every Hollywood explosion, epic orchestral swell or cheap jump scare - without the frightening home theatre price tags. To help you decide, do compare specs like battery life, ease of connection, voice control features if any, and even waterproofing if you love personal concerts in the shower. And of course, always test the speakers with your favourite song – this way, you’ll be more likely to pick out any differences between models.

Expect the usual suspects like Bang & Olufsen, Sonos, Creative, Bose and UE to give you some unbeatable deals at the IT SHOW. We’re itching to see if the Apple HomePod, controlled via Siri, will make its appearance.

3. WiFi Mesh Systems

If you’re still having WiFi woes at home, maybe it’s time to invest in a WiFi mesh system. A great example is Google Wifi, which uses multiple WiFi points spread across your home so you get fast, seamless connections over a much wider coverage compared to a single router even when it’s paired with WiFi extenders.

Google Wifi has earned solid reviews since its launch, and IT SHOW is the perfect opportunity to get your first WiFi mesh system. You can get Google Wifi with StarHub Broadband in a promotional bundle – both at IT SHOW or online! To learn more about how WiFi mesh systems and WiFi extenders work, read our smart guide here.

4. Smart Home Assistants

It’s an exciting time for smart home technology. With smart home assistants, one can now easily control their home’s lighting or temperature, put on music and more via voice control or an app on the phone.Experience a whole new level of automation within your home, and keep track of what's happening in your household with a few taps on your mobile device. It's just like in the sci-fi movies, except now you can have it in real life!

You can probably find a whole spectrum of devices from the bigger names to the entry-level alternatives for your first taste of the conveniences and control that a smart home offers.

5. Home Wireless Security Cameras (IP Cameras)

Need to keep a watchful eye on the kids or on the elderly when you’re not at home? Wireless home cams have become a vital item in the household to meet our desires for security and peace of mind. IT SHOW should give you a host of solid models from brands like Belkin, Net-Link, NetGear and more. Ideally, you should look for one that provides night vision and automatic motion-activated recording, sharp 1080p resolution, at least a 30° field of view, easy set-up and use, and even bundled cloud storage for your recorded clips.

6. Smart Door Locks

Today’s digital door locks offer user-friendly access with enhanced security, sleek designs and a host of flexible options. You can choose to use passcodes via keypads, fingerprint mechanisms or even RFID cards. No more fumbling for keys while struggling with bags of groceries!

They’re not difficult to install and are a wise one-time investment. We suggest checking out models at IT SHOW with double-locking and double-authentication features, plus built-in alarms with adjustable sensitivities. It’s time to upgrade and experience smart locks, before the tech inevitably gets fancier (and scarier) with iris or face recognition – Minority Report style.

7. Drones

Drones have become increasingly affordable, and we’re sure IT SHOW will spoil you with loads of flying choices. Before you get sky-high, beginners should know the various types of drones: camera drones (for photographers or travellers who love making fomo-inducing holiday videos with cinematic shots of gorgeous landscapes), selfie drones (self-explanatory), toy drones (loved by hobbyists and children alike) and racing drones (which probably aren’t as popular here).

We suggest sticking to RTF (Ready-To-Fly) models which need no assembly nor configuration and is ready for take-off right out of the box. Really, anything with GPS functionality, around 15 minutes flight time and a First-Person View feed with 720p resolution is guaranteed to entertain you for quite some time. And to make sure you never get in trouble with the authorities, here’s the official dos & don’ts of drone-flying and area limits in Singapore.

8. 360° Mobile Cameras

Fascinated by those 360° pics and videos you see on Facebook? Well, that camera technology is getting better and more affordable. If we’re lucky, we may see some widely-hyped products like the Insta360 One (physically connects to an iPhone!) and Samsung Gear 360 grace the IT SHOW. With the latest 360° cameras on the market, video resolutions have hugely improved on top of their size and usability.

One can now easily shoot, edit via real-time filters and share via live stream to Facebook and YouTube. 360° photos and videos are so much more engaging, bringing viewers deeper into a world full of details and surprises, especially when paired with VR headsets. As storytelling devices, they’re useful for social influencers and social media practitioners who desire more interaction and eyeballs. Plus, it’s simply a lot more fun for everyone.


So that’s a list of gadgets we think you should hunt down at IT SHOW. If you can’t find some of the brands mentioned, don’t worry. The event often boasts some last-minute surprises and we’re sure you can find very enticing alternatives. Just don’t miss out on our admittedly awesome Google Wifi x StarHub Broadband specials at IT SHOW and online!

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